Insurance Fraud Bureau Design Sprint

UX design sprint to improve the user journey of the IFB’s legacy Cheatline form

The Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB), is a not-for-profit company established to lead the insurance industry's collective fight against insurance fraud.

They act as a central hub for sharing insurance fraud data and intelligence, using our unique position at the heart of the industry and unrivalled access to data to detect and disrupt organised fraud networks.

UX design to simplify the Cheatline process and improve conversions

The IFB website is a legacy Umbraco solution that is maintained by the GrowCreate dedicated Umbraco Support team.

The problem is that internal changes to the form have resulted in lower conversion rates. The Cheatline team asked GrowCreate to review analytics and for GrowCreate to make recommendations for improvement.

Enabling higher conversions with form best practice guidelines

The design sprint provided insights to enable change, including:

  • Provide insight feedback to the Cheatline team
  • Consider user journeys for each type of fraud
  • Simplifying the Cheatline process with form best practice

Design sprint to improve UX for the IFB Cheatline form

The outcome was an improved wireframe demonstrating form design best practices including:

  • Enable autofill and autocorrect
  • Remove unnecessary fields
  • Single column form
  • Mobile design
  • Input constraints
  • Multi-step form design
  • Clear action buttons
  • Inline field labels and error messages


Accessibility features high on the requirements list and is a central part of the design process when creating the design system.