Wealth Portal to engage the next generation of investors

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Iolcus Investments is a privately-owned, independent Wealth Manager, based in Athens, Greece. The firm manages assets on behalf of individuals and institutions and offers carefully structured management fees that fully align with clients’ interests.


Wealth Portal helps Iolcus engage the next generation of investors.

Investors are getting younger, more diverse - and more demanding.

The intergenerational wealth transfer is well underway, with the younger generations estimated to inherit $30 over the next couple of decades. Moreover, investors are not only younger but also both diverse in terms of gender and background.

The new class of investors demands a different level of customer service. They are less loyal, more likely to question fees, more sensitive to the environmental impact of their investments, and consider digital servicing a given.


Wealth Management


A new Wealth Portal built with Invessed, to engage a new generation of investors more efficiently.


New demands require new thinking for Wealth Managers.

To engage these investors, firms must adapt their systems to the new demands, rather than the other way around. Typical challenges include:

Modernise customer experience

Ensure seamless client service on web and mobile across the client lifecycle, with an additional toolkit to enhance customer-advisor interactions.

Streamline investment reporting

Instant portfolio access, with real-time valuations, lively charting, and full transparency in terms of asset allocation, performance, and fees.

Personalise investment experience

Ensure digital self-servicing across the customer lifecycle, using smart forms, e-signatures, and KYC/AML checks.

Iolcus Wealth Portal

Invessed helps Iolcus solve the challenge with a new Wealth Portal.

Driven by customer feedback, the company commissioned Invessed to create a new Wealth Portal for web and mobile. The platform has allowed Iolcus to engage a new generation of investors more efficiently:

10x faster reporting

With a Wealth Portal, reports reach investors 10 times faster than quarterly valuations, improving client satisfaction.

75% drop in admin costs

Transparent account access and self-servicing significantly reduce support enquiries, driving up advisor efficiency.

5M new investor's insight

A rich, multilingual digital presence supports growth plans, giving Iolcus access to a wider, pan-European audience.

What did we do?

  • Strategic consulting
  • Design sprints
  • Agile development
  • Invessed platform for the Wealth Portal
  • API systems integration
  • Personalisation
  • Azure Cloud hosting and DevOps
  • Support and maintenance contract

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The portal is something you can touch and feel – a truly powerful experience.

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