NHS Providers is the only membership organisation solely dedicated to supporting NHS foundations and trusts, and collectively these groups account for £87 billion of annual expenditure and more than one million staff.


Members demand the same customer experience they get from Netflix or Starling Bank.

Staying relevant while providing seamless user experiences is high on the list for many membership organisations, as their members demand the same customer experience they get from Netflix or Starling Bank.

To acquire and retain members, organisations must develop member-focused strategies, where a value-led approach determines the direction of their digital transformation.


Membership Organisations


Support and maintain the NHS Providers Membership Experience Platform and integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Umbraco.


Integrate everything. Connect anything.

Integrating with best-in-class systems from CRM to MarTech is essential for scaling membership organisations, that must:

Develop a culture of engagement

Members expect to access information at speed. Integrating with the right systems from social to CRM provides seamless user experiences.

Streamline operations

Support membership teams from Marketing to Events with connected data, payments, and MarTech.

Personalise content

The right content, at the right time. Members want 1-2-1 personalisation and a unique digital experience.


Create a composable Digital Experience Platform for Membership by integrating business systems

The project was to onboard the NHS Providers website from a third-party agency, provide support and managed Cloud hosting and deliver a Microsoft Dynamics integration with Umbraco to:

Integrate systems

Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration to enhance and streamline operation capabilities to secure member data.

Enable Self-service

A modern membership portal for Self-service, where members can view, amend and pay for bookings, update their marketing and communication preferences in line with GDPR, change their profile, and update their content groups.

On-going innovation with Agile processes

A managed hosting solution optimised for Azure environments, NHS Providers continue to innovate through our Support programme and with an Agile mindset.

What did we do?

  • Onboarding
  • Azure Cloud hosting and DevOps
  • Support SLA
  • Design sprints
  • Agile development
  • Integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM to connect with member data and enable self-service
  • Membership Portal
  • Member preference centre
  • Interactive charting
  • API systems integration
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Retained hours for feature improvements
Quote Mark

Thanks for the excellent work you have carried out on our website. We’re really delighted with the results, and the platform really helps move us forward.

Daniel Reynolds, Director of Communications, NHS Providers.

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