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A cross-channel digital experience platform to help evolve Quintet's brand

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Quintet is Europe’s only network of boutique private banks, building on the heritage and track record of strong domestic brands, with deep local knowledge and cross-border expertise

Brands must adjust to reflect new Wealth Management norms

The average Wealth Manager and Private Bank client is getting younger and more diverse. They are more value- and ESG-conscious and have no time for traditional depictions of wealth or dry financial information.

To appeal to this audience, marketers must adjust their brands rapidly. The whole experience - both visual and written language - must evolve away from product promotion and towards stories that clients can connect with.


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Design a multi-site, multi-lingual Kentico digital experience platform for the new Quintet brand.

Evolving a brand can be a big ask for established firms

Whereas startups find such pivoting easy, the picture is a lot more complicated for established firms, who must:

Align silos and departments

Communicate and encourage different departments to align with the new brand messages and positioning.

Work across regions and regulators

Ensure brand values translate across all relevant languages, and satisfy regulators in all relevant regions.

Enforce consistency on multiple channels

With scale comes complexity, and firms need to remain consistent across the web, mobile, and other promotional channels.

Quintet Private Bank website mockup

A new digital platform is the cornerstone of the new Quintet brand

With over 2000 employees in 50 European cities and a history that spans half a century, Quintet is a complex organisation. In 2020, the firm overhauled its identity, and deployed a new Digital Experience Platform (DXP) to align brand values across the business:

Consolidate regional marketing

Realise enormous savings from consolidating websites from platforms, aligned across 7 regions and 4 languages.

Efficient content marketing

Reusable content blocks and functionality enforce a consistent style and streamline the work of editors and marketers.

On-going innovation with Agile processes

Hosted on optimised Azure environments, the solution fosters further digital innovation under an Agile framework.

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Digital client experience is key - especially when working across borders and jurisdictions. 

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