Why successful Asset and Wealth Managers get 68% better engagement with a DXP?

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Strategic transformation to a DXP is the #1 factor in an Asset or Wealth Management company's digital maturity.


Digitally transformed organisations are forecast to contribute more than half of the overall nominal GDP by 2023.


Worldwide spending on digital transformation (DX) reached 1.3 trillion U.S. dollars in 2020 and is growing by 10.4% year on year.


97% of respondents state that the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic sped up digital transformation processes in their organisations.

What is a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) and why do you need one?

A DXP is a software that includes the digital tools Asset and Wealth Management companies need for marketing teams to build relationships with their clients. It will enable you to build, manage and optimise journeys across all digital touchpoints.

What is a DXP
Deliver real value for your customers with DXP

Deliver tangible benefits for your high-value clients

Your digital technologies in a single platform will improve existing, and create new processes for delivering real value for your clients. It will help you decrease operational costs and speed up your teams’ efficiency.

Why a supercharged DXP?

Over 58% of all customer interactions with products and services take place on digital channels, forcing companies to accelerate digital transformation. Digital Experience Platforms are part of this acceleration for Asset and Wealth Management companies and their clients. A DXP will deliver your lead generation strategy and increase the number of qualified leads.

Why Supercharged DXP
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Why do high-performing Asset and Wealth Management companies use a DXP?

Multi-channel digital experiences for Asset and Wealth Management companies can increase conversions by as much as 60%. A DXP gives you the tools you need to monitor, learn and deliver better experiences across digital channels. 

Zero downtime during DXP migration when you switch to GrowCreate

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increase in productivity with Agile teams


increase in conversions year on year


increase experiments by up to 10x with DXP

Upgrade your Asset and Wealth Management company to a Digital Experience Platform

  • Evolve digital experiences, with Agile mindsets and Azure platforms
  • Streamline CX to increase the ROI of your digital investments
  • Outpace competitors with custom digital strategies
  • Benefit from our highly experienced subject matter experts
  • Increase the speed to market with accelerated implementation
  • Deliver sustainable platforms and quantify their impact
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