The people experts

Connor are flexible, pragmatic and passionate about helping businesses improve performance through their people, and this is what made Connor an ideal client for GrowCreate.


Connor approached us to design a new conversion centred website that generates good quality leads.

GrowCreate and Connor collaborated to deliver high quality, well-organised content with focused calls-to-action (CTAs). The primary goals were:

  • to increase quality leads by providing well-organised content and a user-friendly website, effective calls to action and conversion centred design;
  • to engage prospects by increasing credibility and delivering relevant content and social sharing
  • to be ‘found’ through better Technical SEO;
  • to help close sales by validating and supporting sales communications;
  • to simplify content updates for the content editors;
  • to align the website design with the Connor brand;
  • to support Connor values “passionate, pragmatic and practical, personal” through first class content delivery.

Graham Smith, head of marketing at Connor had a clear vision of what was to be delivered. “Working with GrowCreate’s UX team during the discovery phase of the project helped establish our vision for the site. We subsequently adjusted the site map and streamlined the user journeys.”


Connor had some fantastic photography of their employees and this helped our design team to provide a very personal experience.

The site is built using Umbraco CMS which gives the content editor an exceptional editing experience. Graham had previously commissioned websites using Umbraco for their content management system (CMS), although he was CMS agnostic when searching for the right agency.

Graham explains that opting for a specialist Umbraco agency was an easy decision: “Umbraco is very intuitive and allows content editors to deliver exceptional content, and using an Umbraco Gold Partner like GrowCreate shortened delivery of the project. Their development team optimised the back-office experience and delivered the conversion centred front-end design that we wanted.”

As part of our project delivery, we work to high standards of client service. We also ensure that we have a robust checklist of requirements from URL redirects, performance, and technical SEO prior to launch. We were able to advise Connor in how to best manage the transition to the new website, which as many organisations know, needs to be handled very carefully.


The result is a new responsive website that accentuates the personal nature of a people-centric organisation. Their core practice of outplacement is particularly sensitive area to work in and clients appreciate the friendly, people-focused design of the website. Graham says, “the website conveys credibility and trust while making it very easy for users to get in touch. We’re looking forward to working with GrowCreate to implement the next phase of the project”.

Connor HR home page design

“An incredible 500% uplift in SQLs for January 2018. This is in no small part to the excellent job Grow Create did with the website. Please do share this news with the team and pass on my thanks for helping us to achieve this level of success.

We asked for a website that converted and you delivered one! We have a happy commercial director and a busy sales team!"

Graham Smith