A new generation of investment apps

A modern app suite to engage modern investors.


Make investors happy.

Invessed creates beautiful apps for investors.


With investors poorly served by the current crop of investor apps, which are clunky and data-centric, our brief was to champion the investor with the right reports, at the right time and on the right device. To develop an app that combines Google's power with Apple's simplicity and Amazon's economy.

The solution

With investors demanding simplicity, economy and attention to detail our solution was to exceed modern investors' expectations through design. By taking a fresh look at investment reporting Invessed was designed to deliver true value innovation by introducing best practices from other sectors.

Invessed ipad mockup 

Invessed provides apps for investment management and investor relations. Focusing on reporting, valuations, investment commentary and annual and interim reports, corporate brochures and relationship management, Invessed is ready for enterprise, it is a collection of services, processes and people.

Investors demand Apple’s simplicity, Google’s power and Amazon’s speed.
Let’s exceed these expectations.

Theo Paraskevopoulos