KBL European Private Bankers

KBL European Private Bankers

Multi-lingual, multi-brand website for a leading private banking group


We work with many complex organisations, but KBL epb certainly stands out. A leading Luxembourg-based private banking group, KBL epb employs some 2,000 staff in 50 European cities. Under a system of local subsidiaries, it operates a range of distinct brands and communicates with clients in 5 languages.

A complex organisation has complex requirements. Start with hosting and support: KBL epb were after bank-level security, server migration and maintenance and support for diverse teams. Content management was also high up the list, both for the website as well as creation of PDF collateral.   

With such diverse requirements, KBL epb was after a digital agency that combines technical expertise with an intimate knowledge of financial services. Enter GrowCreate.  


Following a thorough analysis process, we made arrangements for a dedicated hosting package on Microsoft's Azure Cloud, featuring advanced proactive monitoring and other safeguards. This was followed by an Umbraco upgrade, and consolidation of all multi-lingual, multi-brand sites to enable an edit-once-publish-everywhere workflow.

An equally challenging project was a PDF Document Generator, harnessing Umbraco’s famed flexibility to produce beautifully designed reports and newsletters. Vorto and Nested Content, two of the cleverest Umbraco plugins, were deployed to capture multi-lingual content that varied from brand to brand.


KBL epb may be one of our more complex clients, but the relationship is quite a typical GrowCreate story. We specialise in support delivered with a smile, and the client sees us as part of the team. As one of KBL epb's designers says “You guys are the most enjoyable call of the week - we never squabble about estimates, and we always get things done”. We couldn’t agree more.

GrowCreate is the most enjoyable call of the week.
We never squabble about estimates, and we always get things done

KBL European Private Bankers