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Create Cloud based digital experiences for your customers without risking security

Regulatory compliance, data protection and your customers’ privacy all need to be your priority. Is your CMS supporting your objectives?

CIOs in some companies are already distributing information securely across the web through a Cloud Based Content Management System (CMS). However, driven by concerns about security and operational control, CIOs in other organisations remain wedded to a more traditional approach.

Almost three quarters of IT leaders believe security concerns restrict their organisation’s migration to the Cloud (Theo Paraskevopoulos, CEO, GrowCreate).

In our view, internal control – via the maintenance of an on-site CMS – is no guarantee of information security. Holding data on internal storage systems is not inherently safer than the Cloud.
Adopting a Cloud-based CMS that offers a digital experience suite will be able to better protect your data as security is built-in.

Moving away from on-site legacy systems can move your business forward. With an integrated platform, you can support the objectives of the marketing team and protect your customers’ data.

In this eGuide, we will look at what you need to do to create innovative, digital experiences for your business’s customers. We’ll explore the platforms, people and processes you need to stay ahead and how a Cloud-based CMS is more secure than an on-premise system.

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