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Create Cloud based digital experiences for your customers without risking security

Regulatory compliance, data protection and your customers’ privacy all need to be your priority. Is your CMS supporting your objectives?

There is usually a healthy tension between your IT team and the marketing department. As a CIO, you prioritise security, compliance and reliability. CMOs, on the other hand, focus on branding, sentiment and experience.

Further tension comes in the form of technology spend. Gartner reports CMOs spent more on technology than CIOs throughout 2017, spending up to 27% of their budget on technology. This equates up to 3.24% of overall company revenue, compared with CIO technology spend of 3.4%. CMOs expect access to the applications and services they need to improve the customer experience.

CMOs that find barriers from your department might seek workarounds that break compliance, risk security and compromise the privacy of your customers. With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) placing new obligations on businesses that hold and process information, it has never been more important for departments to be aligned.

Collaboration and communication between the departments can help to ensure innovative technology is used to help develop great customer experiences, without risking security.

Rather than creating obstacles, you must support your marketing colleagues through an authorised move to a Cloud-based CMS. Work collaboratively to create a secure platform for the development of innovative customer experiences through on-demand IT services.

CMOs spent more on technology than CIOs throughout 2017, spending up to 27% of their budget on technology.

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