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Is your CMS flexible enough to deliver your digital strategy?

A digital strategy goes beyond a website or blog. To deliver it, you need a flexible open-source platform like Umbraco CMS

Open-source Content Management Systems (CMSs) have been around for 25 years - a digital aeon. From simple blog engines to fully-fledged publishing platforms, they power pretty much every professional website on the internet. But for all their ubiquity, a lot of systems cannot support digital endeavours.

"To deliver a coherent digital strategy, you need a CMS that prioritises connectivity, security and long-term cost effectiveness”

As customers demand seamless services from the brands they interact with, CMSs that continue to offer mere content publishing are no longer fit for purpose. For organisations to deliver a coherent digital strategy, they need systems that prioritise connectivity, security and long-term cost effectiveness - features that collectively describe a “flexible” CMS.  

In this eGuide, we will help you determine whether your current system is flexible enough, and hone in on the typical scenario of linking your website with a CRM. At GrowCreate, we recommend Umbraco as the only open-source option flexible enough to deliver growth strategies. How does your system measure up?

theo-paraskevopoulos.jpeg Theo Paraskevopoulos
GrowCreate CEO

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