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The CMS checklist for CIOs

Replatform to Episerver and transform digital experiences for your customers.

Starting your CMS transformation

How can you ensure that the CMS you choose delivers an engaging customer experience while offering security, flexibility and integration with your existing IT systems? By replatforming to Episerver, you can:

  • Automate security updates and remain compliant with changing regulations.
  • Give the marketing department more autonomy, while setting appropriate access levels from a central administration console.
  • Provide a highly reliable and scalable system.
  • Support the delivery of personalised customer experiences.

This checklist will help you to assess the capabilities of your current CMS and decide whether it’s time to replatform. It highlights some pitfalls that your business may already be experiencing, how moving to Episerver can help and how you can benefit from the expertise of an implementation specialist.

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