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Microsoft Azure hosting

Umbraco-optimised Azure hosting

Can you trust your hosting provider? Microsoft Azure is designed to deal with cyberattacks and variable customer demand. Deploy a hosting solution designed specifically for Umbraco or Kentico, to ensure security, elastic scaling and cost-efficiency.

The challenge of finding the right hosting solution

Trust is at the heart of digital. You trust technology to deliver functionality to your customers, and your customers trust it to hold their data. As digital gets more sophisticated, you need technology that has been fine-tuned for your Content Management System (CMS), built on a secure and scalable infrastructure worthy of your trust.

Azure hosting optimised for CMS

A sophisticated digital system is best hosted on an environment that makes the most of the capabilities offered by Microsoft’s Cloud. The solution will combine a number of Azure services and must ensure high-availability Umbraco websites, while supporting agile processes through Continuous Integration (CI).


Time is up for co-located environments and out-of-the-box virtual servers. Using Azure Web Apps is like having a data centre on command. Web Apps deliver cost-effective, multi-environment hosting, designed to auto-scale and load-balance to meet demand.


Microsoft spends $1bn a year on security. Most companies can’t match that, but they can take advantage of the results of this investment through Azure. What’s more, Web Apps are self-patching, so your hosting enjoys the latest defense against hackers.

Optimised for Umbraco

Our hosting is optimised for Umbraco CMS, catering for media management, secure access and ensuring a fast, multi-channel UX. The built-in CI workflow, allows us to deliver an agile enhancement roadmap through our Support program.

Trust a specialist CMS and Azure expert

As a Microsoft, Kentico and Umbraco Partner, GrowCreate has developed an Azure environment to meet the demands of the most complex Umbraco installation. Expertly designed and thoroughly tested, it is secure, scalable and cost-effective. To find out more about Umbraco hosting, please get in touch.

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Our support programmes provide technical support, governed by a service level agreement (SLA). We offer complete peace of mind and help you maintain and improve your website as it grows alongside your business.

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