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Digital Strategies for long-term growth

Grow your business with GrowCreate’s strategic, technical and creative expertise

At GrowCreate, we believe in becoming an extension of your team. We create meaningful partnerships that are based on a deep understanding of your business, your requirements and your customers’ expectations. We help you to take the first step in executing your vision.

We take a layered approach to our sessions, focusing on:

  • High-level strategy
  • Technical conversations
  • Creative problem solving
"Great team to work with. They very quickly understood our complex business requirements and delivered an excellent user experience."
David Ancell, Vita Student

How does GrowCreate deliver high-level strategies?

We work collaboratively with you to uncover the best strategy to meet your business goals. Our Strategy Hackathon brings everyone together to create and capture the future vision. Our team and your stakeholders come together in an interactive session based on exercises designed to tease out and develop your ideas.

  • Your business problem may be open-ended, so approach this session with an open mind.
  • This workshop will lead to a list of recommendations known as The Strategy Framework.
  • Your objectives may change as part of the ongoing process.
  • We create a digital strategy that we can adapt and evolve in a managed way.

How does GrowCreate start a technical conversation?

Technical conversations help your stakeholders to reach a consensus on project requirements. These conversations usually start with specifics such as “I want an app that can do x, y and z”. This conversation happens before any coding. We work with you to create a technical specification document based on the following conversations:

  • What systems does your architecture involve?
  • How can we interface them?
  • What are your systems’ current capabilities and restrictions?
  • What are the functional and nonfunctional requirements?
  • What security considerations need to be made?


Invessed mobile app

How does GrowCreate solve problems with UX and experience design?

Our team understand how to accomplish business needs by improving customer experience. Our approach to User Experience involves:

  • Business discovery and user research
  • UX workshops
  • Usability testing and analytics
  • Customer journey mapping
  • User interface and visual design
  • Design sprints and prototyping
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