Website Performance

Performance matters

Performance is of paramount importance to your website and your brand. With 40% of users abandoning the site after 3 seconds, performance can affect your user experience and conversions more than the visual design.

Does Umbraco offer high performance?

Yes. Umbraco features a comprehensive caching layer, which makes blazing fast server responses. However, the overall performance of your website may be improved by looking after the entire installation and:

  • fully optimising and minifying all HTML5 code
  • anticipating and handling delays elegantly
  • optimising search to match the size of your site

GrowCreate go further

Recognising that performance is central to mission-critical websites, GrowCreate takes care to optimise and test website performance across all application layers, from database to UI rendering, as well as:

  • automating testing for user-perceived performance
  • performance testing integrated systems
  • implementing elastic search for even faster searching
Pro tip

Umbraco 8.0 will replace the existing caching mechanism with a faster B+ Tree. This is a mature technology which we use in our implementations now.

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