Website Security

Security affects your organisation

Digital security is a major issue for any organisation. Using techniques such as DDOS attacks and SQL injections, attackers can compromise your site's availability, publish inflammatory content or, worse, steal confidential information.  

Is Umbraco secure?

Yes. Out of the box Umbraco uses Microsoft’s .NET security methods, and Umbraco HQ has an extensive program dedicated to security. Its policies cover both proactive and reactive security assessments and include:

  • half-annual penetration testing
  • a structured process for finding and handling vulnerabilities
  • best practices for securing Umbraco sites

GrowCreate go further

Umbraco might be secure, however the security of your Umbraco website depends on a number of other parameters. GrowCreate’s mission-critical websites cater for the most stringent security requirements:

  • code developed according to OWASP guidelines
  • fine-tuned SSL and DNS-level security layers
  • automated testing or regular penetration testing
Pro tip

Use free, automated security tools such as Qualys SSL Labs and ASafaWeb to fix basic vulnerabilities before commissioning full-blown penetration testing.

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