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Accelerate growth with the unified Kentico DXP and headless solutions

Leverage must-have digital marketing features to deliver optimised real-time multi-channel campaigns that increase engagement and conversion. Boost productivity with must-have digital marketing features from Personalisation to A/B testing.

Our Kentico engineers have developed a multi-site, multi-lingual solution for Quintet Private Bank to deliver a cross-channel digital experience platform to evolve brand values.

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All the DXP features you need, out-of-the-box

Multi-channel content

Content management

A Kentico Partner will help you reuse your content for multi-channel campaigns, design optimised landing pages and keep content compliant with flexible workflows.

Multilingual content

A Kentico partner will help you localise your website for multiple languages.

Workflows and versioning

Ensure content is consistent with your brand and compliant with internal processes and regulatory requirements.

Get the maximum ROI from your platform with a Kentico audit

Digital Asset Management

Centralise digital assets so you always have the latest version of an image, brochure or presentation.

Increase your marketing performance

Campaign management

A Kentico partner will help you deliver results with multi-channel campaigns, all from the centralised back office.

Search engine optimisation

Optimise your websites for search engines to drive organic traffic.

Email marketing

Increase performance with integrated email marketing. Send marketing emails based on website activity, customer data, or lead scoring.


A Kentico partner will help you increase your marketing performance by delivering the right content to the right person at the right time.

Recommendation engine

Increase conversions or basket size with AI content and product recommendations.

Form builder

Create smart forms for campaign pages and get more insights. 

Integrate Kentico with any system

Out-of-the-box integrations

A Kentico partner will help you leverage out-of-the-box integrations.

Authentication providers

Provide cross-platform authentication including Facebook, LinkedIn, OpenID, OAuth, and more.


Connect anything with powerful APIs.

Translation management

Connect third-party translation services and automate your translation process.

Deliver differentiated commerce experiences

Digital commerce

A Kentico partner will help leverage advanced filtering and full-text search so that customers can find the right product.

Promotions and discounts

Run promotions to boost customer purchases, increase basket size, cross-sell related products, and drive repeat visits.

Product Information Management

Let your customers choose from product options and compound variants, and customize products according to their needs.

Multi-store management

Reach additional markets with multiple stores in one place.

Checkout process and shopping cart

Tailor and automate your checkout process and boost revenue by nurturing cart abandonment.

Commerce integrations

Integrate commerce with existing systems or anything with an API.

Create personalised experiences with a customer data platform

Contact management

A Kentico partner will help you gain a 360-degree view of your customers across all channels and devices.


Give each visitor a personalised experience across channels.


Segment audiences to deliver the right message to boost visitor engagement and conversion rates.

Data protection

Comply with the strictest data protection regulations, such as GDPR, PII, or CCPA.

Lead scoring

Identify high-quality leads with automated lead scoring.

Activity tracking

Get insights from campaigns, understand visitors, and optimize your efforts to drive results.

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A cross-channel digital experience platform helps Quintet Private Bank evolve brand values.


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