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Transforming your company takes data-driven decisions, experimentation, and innovation

With Optimizely, you can take your digital experience to the next level and grow exponentially online with content, commerce, and optimisation.

We have helped Hitachi Solutions to create a multi-lingual experience to improve branding, optimize the user experience and reach a global rank of 15th out of 39,000 Microsoft partners.

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We offer expertise in Content Management and Cloud Apps delivered via Optimizely and Microsoft Azure. Our team fulfills key market objectives, expands customer reach, drives new business, and establishes a competitive advantage for our customers. With the right partner and right toolkit, digital growth and success are at hand.

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Create once, publish everywhere

Content management

An Optimizely Partner will help you create and target personalised content and commerce experiences for dynamic audience segments.

Authoring and layout

Use layouts, and drag-and-drop functionality to create content.

Approval workflows

Use custom-built workflows, and rely on notifications, alerts, and escalations for task management.

Orchestrate content, commerce, and campaigns into a seamless story flow.

Media management

Manage the automatic tagging, personalisation, and deployment of rich media.

A/B test and experiment at scale

Web A/B testing

An Optimizely Partner will help you deliver enterprise A/B and MVT testing.

CDN A/B testing

Test everything from design to code.

Targeting and personalisation

Deliver targeted messaging, personalised offers and recommend the most relevant content.

Program management

Go faster and increase velocity by up to 5x with tools for ideation, collaboration and reporting.

Visual editor

Collaborate with an easy-to-use visual editor.

Empower your team to intuitively build customer-centric digital experiences.

Deliver new experiences with more control and impact

Mobile app A/B testing

An Optimizely Partner will help you ship new features fast and with the confidence that they meet CX and business metrics.

Omnichannel experimentation

Create consistent personalised experiences across all channels.

Progressive delivery

Continuously improve the customer experience and ship code with more control.

20% of customers are more loyal when a brand personalises its experience.


Accelerate users into variations and quickly run experiments.

Optimizely stats engine

Measure the impact of your experiments in real-time with machine learning for accurate results.

Targeted rollouts

Define your audiences for optimal results. 

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