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What The Hell! No Upgrade Path from Umbraco 7?

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Who's upgraded Umbraco?

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That’s right. There’s no upgrade path to the latest versions of Umbraco CMS

The code base has changed to .NET Core 7, leaving businesses using Umbraco 7 with the choice of migrating their existing website to Umbraco 11 or moving to a new platform.

Migration means rebuilding the back office of Umbraco, which doesn’t have to be a headache as there are many agencies (including GrowCreate) that are ready to help you with this process.

Why do I have to migrate from Umbraco 7?

Version 7 of Umbraco is really old and was first released in 2013, which means that Umbraco will be ten years old when the End Of Life for this version arrives in September 2023. That’s pretty old for software!

What this means to you is that Umbraco HQ will no longer provide support for any software vulnerabilities (e.g. security patches) and therefore, websites using Umbraco 7 will be at risk of security breaches.

What are the options for upgrading Umbraco?

You can either migrate Umbraco to the latest version using the existing front-end code base, update the front-end code base to improve performance and make UX improvements before migrating Umbraco, or use the opportunity to turn your new Umbraco website into a powerful Digital Experience Platform by integrating best-of-breed solutions from CRM to Martech.

Ainsley Mcwilliams Growcreate Account Manager

Do you have a question about Umbraco upgrades?

GrowCreate has been a Umbraco Gold Partner since 2014 and is here to support web managers and marketers with free advice on how to take the next step. Contact Ainsley McWilliams and ask anything.

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