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Many years ago I read the book "Ogilvy on Advertising" and there was a section about Direct Response where Ogilvy had some good feedback for the budding marketer:

  • your headline is the most important element
  • good photographs of your product cost more than bad ones, but they always sell more
  • long copy sells more than short copy, particularly when you are asking the reader to spend a lot of money
  • cross-heads give breathing space to your copy and make it more readable
  • testimonials increase credibility - and sales
  • set your copy in black type on white, the other way round reduces readership
  • readers often skip from the headline to the coupon, to find out what your offer is
  • tidy, organised layouts increase coupon returns

You can see that years later Ogilvy's recommendations still apply, and we use these Direct Response techniques every day, designing and optimising digital platforms and advertising. So how does all this fit in with upgrading to Umbraco?

"For forty years, I have been a voice crying in the wilderness, trying to get my fellow advertising practitioners to take direct response seriously. Direct response was my first love. And later, my secret weapon."

David Ogilvy

Marketers can deliver optimised digital experiences, without the licence cost!

It can be a challenge for businesses to engage visitors with high-quality content. They have little choice but to evolve their website and value proposition to meet key objectives, from increasing conversion to lead generation.

Shifting demand means that prospects are more diverse, less loyal, more conscious of fees, and prioritise digital customer service. Therefore, many businesses are accelerating their digital transformation, seeking to expand their digital estate in a controlled and efficient way for continued growth.

Future-proof your digital strategy when you upgrade Umbraco

A digital strategy for delivering a composable platform of best-of-breed systems can be the right approach for your business when Umbraco is at its core. It can provide the opportunity to create an ecosystem of apps that best match your needs. The benefits of this architecture are clear:

  • Use the right tool for the right job (best-of-breed)
  • Manage costs better, picking systems with affordable pricing models
  • Deliver seamless experiences through integrations
  • Reap efficiencies with automated data flows
  • Develop iteratively, introducing systems gradually
  • Avoid vendor lock-in, as all systems can be switched

Seamless integration with your digital ecosystem

When you upgrade Umbraco you can orchestrate data flows between systems. Our Azure Hosting offers excellent extensibility, security and power. You can balance ease of use and flexibility with Umbraco as the backbone of your DXP ecosystem. For the marketer, the benefits can be:

  • Managing and distributing content across channels
  • Delivering multiple sites and themes under a single installation
  • Delivering the personalised content at the right time
  • Making informed decisions with A/B testing
  • Knowing and understanding your visitor, lead or customer with 360° Profiling
  • Integrating with your CRM
  • Creating campaigns with optimised pages and layouts
  • Implementing multi-language capabilities

When you upgrade Umbraco you can transform your website into a powerful Digital Experience Platform (DXP) by integrating best-of-breed systems from CRM to Martech, to support the delivery and optimisation of digital experiences.

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