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AFH Wealth Management

An effective financial plan can help you to make the most of your money.

Who is AFH Wealth Management?

AFH Wealth Management offers independent financial advice and investment management to individuals and businesses across the UK. It has a network of more than 200 independent financial advisers, 12 offices nationwide, and £6 billion in assets under management.

AFH WealthHub

What challenges did AFH face?

AFH is working on a digital transformation strategy, to help keep pace with digital services competitors offer.

AFH's Wealth Hub portal is pivotal to this, as a secure portal for investors and advisers. AFH has an aspirational goal to make this platform a primary mechanism for client communication. To support this, they had the following ambitions:

  • launch an automated process for onboarding prospect customers;
  • make numerous operational efficiency savings, including further CRM integration for maximum automation;
  • improve data reliability and accuracy of their CRM system;
  • improve the Customer Experience [CX] of the Portal using analytical data and marketing feedback.

What did GrowCreate need to deliver?

The fast pace at AFH results in ever-evolving requirements but the high-level requirement was to extend the Wealth Hub Portal, including a new prospect onboarding tool to capture and convert new leads. The solution included:

  • back-end functionality for partners to manage leads;
  • a front-end interface for prospects to complete a pre-qualification fact-find process;
  • client to adviser matching and appointment booking;
  • lead reporting tools to benchmark goals.

Furthermore, a range of improvements were also introduced to the platform, including:

  • speed efficiency optimisation;
  • further extensions to the prospect onboarding tool.

How did GrowCreate resolve AFH’s challenges?

GrowCreate used an Agile development methodology, based on the SCRUM framework, to deliver these requirements. A project backlog was created and delivered in two-week sprints, each dealing with a set of defined deliverables, and iteratively reviewed.

Timescales and costs were fixed, but the project scope changed as the product developed and was reviewed by the AFH Product Owner in each Sprint Review meeting. The following meetings were arranged every Sprint to support this feature prioritisation:

  • Sprint Planning
  • Daily Stand-ups
  • Sprint Reviews

AFH’s Project Team joined each Daily Stand-up, collaborating on team progress and raising issues in real-time. The broader project team also worked together in Sprint Planning to agree upon achievable goals, before GrowCreate demoed shippable features at the end of each Sprint.

What was the result?

The benefits of this agile development approach included:

  • an ability for GrowCreate to quickly adapt to changing requirements;
  • regular communication points, removing guesswork;
  • frequent releases and testing throughout the project;
  • enhanced collaboration by syncing sprints with the AFH Operations Team.

A Minimum Viable Product was launched on time and on an agreed budget for AFH, meeting all core project requirements. The success of this resulted in a further eight weeks’ worth of Sprints to tackle further user stories from the Project Backlog, which were again delivered to the agreed budget and timescales. 

"The WealthHub is an important platform for AFH which required the right technical partner to implement complex requirements. GrowCreate's ability to build, demo, and adapt the solution to our changing needs allows us to move quickly to real-life business challenges."
Stacey Costar, Head of Operations, AFH Wealth Management
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