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Delivering high-converting websites built with Umbraco?

Who is Connor?

Connor are flexible, pragmatic and passionate about helping businesses improve performance through their people.Their services support people through the whole employee lifecycle.

What challenges did Connor face?

Connor needed to deliver high-quality, well organised content with focused calls-to-action (CTAs). There main challenge was to create a conversion-centred website to generate sales qualified leads.

What did GrowCreate need to deliver?

As an Umbraco Gold Partner with solid UX capabilities, GrowCreate collaborated with Connor to deliver a high-converting website to:

  • Increase quality leads.
  • Provide well-organised content and a user-friendly website.
  • Create a conversion-centred design with effective calls to action.
  • Improve prospect engagement.
  • Support the business in delivering relevant content and social sharing.
  • Simplify content updates for the content editors.
Connor HR mobile website

How did GrowCreate resolve Connor’s challenges?


We collaborated with Connor to deliver a website that reflects the personal nature of a people-centric organisation. Combining our expertise in Umbraco and UX design, we:

  • Developed a content managed website using Umbraco to simplify content updates for the content editors
  • Delivered a robust checklist of requirements from URL redirects, performance, and technical SEO prior to launch.
  • Created a user-friendly website with a focus on landing pages and effective calls to action.
  • Aligned the website design with the Connor brand.
  • Advised Connor in how to best manage the transition to the new website.
  • Engaged prospects by increasing credibility and delivering relevant content and social sharing.
  • Helped close sales by validating and supporting sales communications.
  • Supported Connor values of “passionate, pragmatic, practical, and personal” through first class content delivery.
“Working with GrowCreate’s UX team during the discovery phase of the project helped establish our vision for the site. We subsequently adjusted the site map and streamlined the user journeys.”
Graham Smith, Head of Marketing, Connor HR
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Our support programmes provide technical support, governed by a service level agreement (SLA). We offer complete peace of mind and help you maintain and improve your website as it grows alongside your business.

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