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FE fundinfo

Creating a new international force in investment data

Who is FE fundinfo?

FE fundinfo was formed in 2018 after the merger of Financial Express, fundinfo, and F2C to create a new international force in investment data. The combined company now connects with over 900 Asset Managers with 3,800 Fund Distributors, and is trusted by over 80% of UK Financial Advisers. The company provides the data, tools, infrastructure and expertise required for Fund Managers and Fund Distributors to invest in funds and model portfolios. Their unique database includes:

  • 100,000 funds
  • 225,000 share classes
  • 60 million fund documents
  • 65,000 factsheets produced annually

You can find out how FE fundinfo has supported the fund industry for the last twenty years here.

What challenges did FE fundinfo face?

To support the merger, FE fundinfo had several key marketing activities to deliver in a short time period. These included:

  • Creating a brand identity for the new company
  • Designing and developing a new website to reflect this brand; being easy to update, but still covering features and content from the existing Financial Express, fundinfo, and F2C websites
  • Decommissioning and redirecting the original websites to the new site to maintain good Search Engine rankings

The primary objective of the website was to bring together the three merged entities. In developing the “one voice”, it was important to be careful not to destroy value that has been created by each entity.

How did GrowCreate help FE fundinfo?

GrowCreate was responsible for the design and development on this new website. Building it on the leading .NET open-sourced CMS, Umbraco, to help allow FE fundinfo to update different sections of the site easily and simultaneously.

Tight timescales resulted in the website being developed alongside the branding project. To achieve this, GrowCreate took the unconventional approach of building the website before designing it. This was achieved by developing a skeleton layout website for the FE fundinfo team to be trained on and populate with their required content. One of the final project tasks was the presentation of the new brand to the GrowCreate Design Team, who translated it into a digital design, which was then 'skinned' over the top of the skeleton website.

Some core functionality included HubSpot integration, multi-lingual functionality, and a personalised user journey to allows visitors from diverse regions and professional backgrounds to explore and become familiar with the wider product range.

What was the result?

The new FE fundinfo website launched inside the agreed project timescales and to coincide with an official brand launch event, a testament to all involved with the timescales that were available to them.

As a result of the successful launch, on-going enhancements have been agreed, adding additional features and improvements to the user journey. This approach, using the highly-collaborative SCRUM methodology is expected to provide maximum flexibility for FE fundinfo as their new website continues to evolve.

"We enjoyed partnering with GrowCreate on this project, working in a collaborative way to enable us to deliver a website which is optimised, flexible and positions us for further growth. The results demonstrate the expertise of the collective team and we look forward to working with them in the future."
Rebecca Warren, Head of Marketing Communications at FE fundinfo
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