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KBL European Private Bank

Delivering bank-level security, server migration, and maintenance

Who is KBL European Private Bank (KBL epb)?

KBL epb is a leading Luxembourg-based private banking group, employing 2,000 staff in 50 European cities. Under a system of local subsidiaries, it operates a range of distinct brands and communicates with clients in five languages.

What challenges did KBL epb face?

The organisation required bank-level security, hosting, server migration and support for their suite of websites. Content management was also a priority for the website, as well as the creation of PDF document generator.

What did GrowCreate need to deliver?

KBL epb sought a specialist implementation partner with who could deliver:

  • A multi-lingual, multi-brand website
  • Interactive charting
  • Dynamic PDF generation
  • Integration with investment data
  • A solution built in Umbraco and hosted on Azure

How did GrowCreate resolve KBL epb’s challenges?

We combined our expertise in Umbraco and Azure with an intimate knowledge of the financial sector. We analysed KBL ebp’s existing platforms and processes to understand where they were in comparison to where they needed to be.  The solution we delivered included:

  • A dedicated hosting package on Microsoft's Azure Cloud, featuring advanced proactive monitoring and other safeguards.
  • An Umbraco upgrade.
  • Consolidation of all multi-lingual, multi-brand sites.
  • Enablement of an edit-once-publish-everywhere workflow.
  • A PDF document generator.

What was the result?

By making GrowCreate part of their team, KBL epb were able to improve their approach to content by using Umbraco. With access to Vorto and Nested Content for localisation, KBL epl could produce designed reports, newsletters, and PDFs. They also captured multilingual content that appealed to a range of audiences.

“GrowCreate is most enjoyable call of the week — we never squabble about estimates and we always get things done.”
KPL epb
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