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NHS Providers CRM integration

Website preference centre, event booking and CRM integration for NHS Providers membership organisation

Who is NHS Providers?

NHS Providers is a membership organisation and trade association for NHS acute, ambulance, community and mental health services that treat patients and service users in the NHS.

NHS Providers currently have 100% of NHS trusts and foundation trusts in membership

NHS Providers is the only membership organisation solely dedicated to supporting NHS foundation trusts and trusts. They occupy a distinctive place in the health sector and currently have 100% of trusts and foundation trusts in membership. The trusts collectively account for £84bn in expenditure and employ more than one million staff.

They work across a range of disciplines, including policy and analysis, communications and media, support and training and public affairs and influencing.


NHS Providers Preference Centre

What challenges did NHS Providers face?

NHS Providers needed to upgrade from the unsupported Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 as it was no longer fully meeting NHS Providers’ needs to Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The organisation was looking to replace the failing system, enhance the websites capabilities, improve the user experience and drive operational efficiency by:

  • streamlining user registration
  • enhancing the login process
  • enabling self-service so website users can manage their own profiles (highlight their interests, opt-in to and unsubscribe from receiving newsletters, bulletins and other communications)
  • creating event booking pathways to enable users to book onto events via the website
  • creating a payment gateway for paid events via the website
  • providing a platform to support new capabilities and services

What did GrowCreate need to deliver?


Working closely with NHS Providers to support, maintain and improve their website since 2016 introduced GrowCreate to the CRM project during inception. Our team provided expert knowledge and liaised closely with the CRM build team to ensure website requirements were fully considered and that all stakeholders were fully aligned on the proposed solution.


To assist with stakeholder engagement GrowCreate worked with NHS Providers to produce wireframes to add valuable visual context to what was a very technical project. The wireframes later evolved into conceptual designs that really helped staff and members buy in to the vision.


A key aspect of the development was fully integrating the website with the CRM, this included ensuring new and existing website users were directly linked to CRM records, so they can retrieve and implement account permissions, allowing users to update their CRM records via the website.

GrowCreate delivered a website preference centre so members can view and amend their event bookings, update their marketing and communication preferences in line with GDPR requirements, change their personal details, view and update their groups for personalised web content and pay for events via a Stripe integration.


NHS Providers website

How did GrowCreate resolve NHS Providers challenges?

GrowCreate utilised a hybrid approach to project delivery taking the strengths of both waterfall and agile. The size of the project meant budget and scope needed to be well defined and agreed before website development could begin.

Discovery and Design where distinct phases at the start of the project that allowed us to work with NHS Providers to capture and refine their requirements to a high degree of accuracy at their pace. This had two key advantages. It gave the CRM build a head start, mitigating the risk of blockages during the website build, and provided enough detail to estimate and plan the development phase which provided the necessary reassurances for senior stakeholders.

Rather than having a rigid detailed specification, a backlog was produced which in conjunction with the designs outlined the scope of the project. The backlog was then delivered in a series of two week development sprints, each scheduled off the back of a CRM release. The functionality provided in each CRM release defined the sprint goal/scope and the agile approach to development provided the necessary flexibility to adjust to changes when planning each sprint. Sprints ended with a sprint review where the work was demonstrated to NHS Providers and then released to a staging environment for testing.

The project was completed with a final quality assurance and launch phase where the project was fully UAT tested.


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