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Prosperity Capital

Prosperity Capital is one of the world’s largest Russia-focused asset managers. We developed a CMS-connected portal to give investors secure access to market commentary and in-depth fund information


Prosperity Capital Management (PCM) is one of the largest portfolio investors specialising in investment in Russia and the FSU countries, managing assets worth USD 3.5bn. Operating in a developing market, the company prides itself in active investing. The company’s founder is proud that PCM “own parts of actual companies, not simply pieces of paper”.

Regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority and operating in challenging market territory, Prosperity required a secure portal to control access to market commentary and fund information. With a proven record in security-led channels and knowledge of financial services, GrowCreate was appointed to develop the portal in 2017.

Prosperity Capital portal screenshot


The project started with a methodical analysis of the data, which was to be sourced from FolioMetrics, a leading CRM and reporting platform for Hedge Funds. Apart from investor information, the CRM was going to hold fund data, including performance, net asset values (NAVs) and risk characteristics. However, the data needed to be augmented by market commentary and other content which would be captured in a CMS platform.

The selected platform was Umbraco CMS, which combines excellent security features – paramount to financial services organisations – as well as flexibility to be integrated with any API-enabled system. For additional security, the overall architecture includes a custom authentication and audit layer that allowed us to make the most of Azure’s capabilities whilst avoiding data duplication.

From a customer experience perspective, the Prosperity portal included a bespoke design that matched the overall brand and personalised content based on the investor’s profile. Finally, an extended document library, allows investors to access key documents – such as current and historical Factsheets and Statements – from a single source.


The Prosperity portal was launched in Q3 2017 and enjoyed high investor adoption almost immediately. It has been used extensively as a platform for sharing Prosperity’s expert analysis, audio and video recordings of investor calls and as an accompaniment for Investor Roadshows.

The portal is the cornerstone of Prosperity’s digital transformation. By enabling investors to access to the right content on the right device, in a secure and timely manner, the company has streamlined its Client Servicing operations. Looking ahead, we look forward to putting the platform’s flexibility to use, driving change and continuous improvement.

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