There has never been a better time to redesign your company’s website.  Here’s why.

The Covid-19 pandemic is arguably a black swan event, but it is also a lesson on the importance of ensuring business agility. The crisis has forced financial institutions and their customers to use digital tools and processes to compensate for office closures. Digital transformation is accelerating, and only the most aggressive firms who can adapt to a digital-first, scaled-up reality will have a tremendous competitive advantage.

So how is our business adapting to the rapid changes? And your technology? What about your website – the face of your company, the first impression of your brand, and possibly the only connection clients will have to your business…?

By now you probably know that a well-designed new website will tickle Google in the right places, giving you increased search engine rankings which translate to more visitors/ higher conversion rate etc. But …what else is there?

#1 Updated Design Features

From hand-made illustrations and page motion animations to dynamic gradients and responsive logos, business websites need to be fresh, memorable, and, if possible, aspirational. Clients make emotional as well as logical decisions, so it’s important to be visually appealing.

#2 Improved Security

Internet users' awareness of security – particularly in the financial section - has risen sharply in recent years. With security comes trust. If you ignore this development, it will leave a negative impression on potential new clients. You should, therefore, consciously rely on modern security solutions for your website.

#3 Improved User Experience

Your users need to understand within seconds what your company offers and what potential added value they will get from your offer. Your website site also needs to be appealing enough for them to get in touch with you. If users have to click often to find the relevant information or quickly leave the page, this will have a direct impact on your conversion rate optimization and user journey.

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#4 Quicker Loading Time

Internet users are spoiled when it comes to website loading times. They want to get the information they are looking for quickly and reliably - regardless of where and when. Did you know that Google includes time in its search engine rankings? Modern, up-to-date websites use several mechanisms to ensures that the content is available quickly.

#5 More Accurate Reflection Of Your Brand 

Has your company grown and evolved over the past few years? Have you added new services, products or employees? Company identities are dynamic, and websites should be too! Your site should portray a strong brand identity that captures the essence of your business, and this identity is likely always adapting to business trends and emerging needs. Conveying your identity clearly will increase your appeal with potential clients. What makes you stand out from your competitors?

What's next?

Do you need to update functionality, security features or user experience on your site?GrowCreate will do all this for you, and so much more – faster.

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