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Invessed Wealth Management Apps and Client Portals

Invessed Client Portal

Launch Invessed apps and client portals for investment performance reporting

GrowCreate is the #1 Invessed partner

Asset and wealth managers often struggle to select a client portal or app provider. These challenges include integration with current systems, solution scalability, and dependable vendor support. They require a cost-effective solution that propels business success.

As an Invessed software implementation partner, we ensure the solution integrates smoothly with existing systems, offering scalability, security, and ease of use. We build client portals that can brand the experience, connect data, and deploy on optimised cloud infrastructure. Our wealth platforms and apps simplify data management, enhance real-time reporting, and increase client retention.

We manage digital identity, strategy, and engagement while delivering exceptional client service. Our portfolio includes reputable businesses like the Bowmore Wealth Group.

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GrowCreate is the Invessed implementation partner

The CX revolution is underway. Attitudes have shifted from "we want this" to "we need this".

Theo Paraskevopoulos, Invessed CEO

Deploy client portals fast

Build your client portal with our plug-and-play component library, which includes security, interactive charting, libraries, and messaging functionality.

Control the client experience

Use the intuitive administration console to manage clients, content, and assets. Monitor incoming account processes, including onboarding, risk profiling, and trade requests.

Harness innovation

Combine an API-first architecture for efficient data management and a collection of reporting tools and integrations.

Boost client engagement

Service global clients with cutting-edge experience from onboarding to reporting.

Propel revenue growth

Promote your product range, publish interactive fund factsheets, and target data-driven growth opportunities.

Navigate regulatory compliance

Reduce compliance costs and risk while managing regulation on a central repository.

Invessed fully-featured client portal

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Client reporting

Client reports for private, retail or institutional investors. 

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Investment advice

Capture client risk profile and match with funds and model portfolios.

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Fund reporting

Showcase your fund range in an interactive and engaging way.

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Investment analytics

Analytics dashboard to understand client behaviour and extract value from data.

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Mobile and Web

Multi-channel client experiences, across web, email and mobile app.

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Integration APIs

Fits naturally and effortlessly in your data landscape.

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Client lifecycle

Client onboarding and lifecycle management software with KYC and e-signatures.

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Cloud and security

Scale and secure your client portal, with a Cloud-native solution.

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Connect with over 200 APIs for popular apps

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Stop your search for your wealth app now

Streamline real-time interactive reporting for portfolio valuations, fund factsheets, and more.

Expedite client onboarding with KYC/AML and e-signature features.

Advanced intelligence insights with embedded Analytics to understand behaviour and offer proactive service.

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