How Companies Are Meeting Rising Expectations

With rising digital expectations threatening B2Bs, decisions makers are under more pressure to step up their consumer’s experience.

The results of the latest Episerver survey of 700 B2B decision-makers from the US, UK, Germany, Sweden and Australia says that the number one website feature/functionality to be adopted in the next 12 months is personalised content. This is closely followed by improving the mobile experience (33%).

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B2B’s are being compelled to spend more on personalised content as focus shifts towards improving consumer experiences online. With a lack of convenience being cited as one of the top reason’s consumers are becoming frustrated, a personalised approach such as one-click ordering or next day delivery just isn’t enough. With pressure mounting, more and more, businesses are adopting AI (artificial intelligence) to help to build these experiences.

In fact, 82% of B2B’s will be looking to use AI to personalise consumer experiences online over the next 3 years. This makes for a more intelligent and sophisticated experience for all.

91% of the respondents believe that personalisation provides a better experience.

B2B’s care about the experiences that they are providing and 91% of the respondents believe that personalisation provides a better experience. Although the trend points towards investments in digital transformations increasing, 50% of the decision-makers say that they lack the funds to undertake digital transformation programs within their organisations.

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