After COP26 I signed GrowCreate up to the Net Zero Tech Services Initiative to work with the climate action platform Net Zero Now to calculate its Greenhouse Gas emissions as the first step on this journey. My hope was that I would then be able to create a reduction plan to cut emissions and compensate for any unavoidable emissions before setting a target date to become Net Zero.


Heart lake in a forest for Net Zero Web Agency campaign


One year later and with COP27 ending on Friday 18th, the global scientific community still agrees that reaching Net Zero is the best chance we have of keeping global warming to manageable levels. The UK government has set a target for our economy to be Net Zero by 2050, and while many tech firms want to take action, they often lack the necessary knowledge and tools to get to Net Zero.

The Net Zero Tech Services Initiative, developed in partnership with leading trade associations techUKTech NationBIMA, and the Good Business Charter, helps tech services businesses achieve Net Zero simply and cost-effectively. At its heart is a sector-specific protocol that sets the roadmap to Net Zero for the industry. The protocol has been peer-reviewed by organisations representing the sector and sustainability and climate experts and is freely available at The Initiative also includes a dedicated digital platform that supports firms on every step of the journey to calculate their carbon emissions, set targets, get tailored reduction plans and compensate for unavoidable emissions.

Adam Weston, Managing Director at GrowCreate says:

“After a few weeks of working with the Net Zero Now team and their platform, I am over the moon to say that GrowCreate is a Net Zero web agency.”

Simon Heppner, Executive Director of Net Zero Now says:

“Congratulations to GrowCreate on becoming a Net Zero web agency. Every tech services firm across the UK now has the tools to take action on the climate crisis. Tech services firms underpin many other sectors of the economy and tech has a huge role to play in powering the transition to a Net Zero economy. I encourage more firms to get on board.”