As digital transformation gathers pace, CMS morphs into digital experience platforms. Kentico forges ahead with a timely rebrand.

The experience takes centre stage

In the late 00s, Web Design gave way to User Experience (UX). The transition signified that Digital Design had become multifaceted, both in terms of process and output. Optimal solutions involved a series of interactions, so a wider team is needed to orchestrate an "experience".

Roll forward a few years, and digital has been further embedded into most organisations' operations. As the series of interactions span different channels and touchpoints, UX evolved into Customer Experience (CX).

Web Content Management (WCM) has tracked this evolution. Blogging tools did the job for Web Designers, but complex UX needed more flexible content models. Now WCMs are giving way to Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs), which are better suited to deliver CX strategies.

Kentico rebranding

Kentico has been quicker than most to respond to these paradigm shifts. Kontent, its Headless product, is a full departure from the traditional WCM model, recognising that in complex projects content is a mere component, and thus a "Content as a Service" (CaaS) model is a good fit.

Kentico Xperience Logo

Completing the move, Kentico rebranded is "full-bodied" offering - previously known as Kentico EMS - to Xperience in May 2020. Petr Palas, Kentico's founder notes that WCM and customer needs have evolved, and explains that the rebrand is designed to "reflect that transition".

Picking the best tool for the job

Following the rebrand, Kentico has a coherent product line that comprises Xperience, the full DXP .NET solution; and Kontent, the fully-managed Headless CMS. They are both great products that help you manage content and publish engaging digital experiences.

So how do you know which one is best suited for your project?

Kentico Xperience: all-in-one, pre-integrated platform

Xperience is the same product as Kentico EMS. A featured-packed, tightly integrated platform that combines Content, Commerce and Digital Marketing tools. Built on .NET and deployable on the Azure Cloud, it’s a true digital powerhouse for your team. Use it when you need:

• A one-stop-shop for Commerce, Commerce and Marketing
• Wide range of features with few integrations
• Complete control and ownership of all code and infrastructure

Kentico Kontent: integrations-led, custom ecosystem

Kontent is a fully-managed content creation suite, that delivers content via an API, freeing you from any publishing engine restrictions. We use Kontent as a key component to complex installations which combine multiple systems or channels. It's best when you need:

• Powerful content capture and editorial workflow tools
• An integration-led ecosystem with a range of tools
• Managed and blazing fast delivery API and hosting

GrowCreate is an expert Kentico partner

Tracking the evolution from Web Design to Customer Experience, CMSs have come a long way. As CMS specialists of both open-source and commercial systems, we have always been keen industry observers.

With a bold and timely rebrand, Kentico has certainly proved that it's onto a winning strategy. GrowCreate is a partner for both products, so we can help you pick the right tool and build the best solution for your needs.