It's no secret that our partner Episerver is moving fast to stay ahead of the competition. Their newest coup is the App Marketplace, that allows customers to shop technologies on one platform.

Our partner Episerver introduced the newest addition to their business: the App Marketplace.
Episerver customers can now easily browse through applications and buy the ones that fit their solution to maximise Business Investment, improve Customer Experiences and extend platform functionality.

The marketing technology landscape is ever-growing, ballooning to an all-time high of according to Scott Brinker's 2019 version of his popular supergraphic approximating industry size year over year.
- Episerver

Episerver has always been keen to help customers to make the most of their solution. By offering a modular design that allows customers to set up a unique website, they empower them to get creative and improve digital commerce, marketing and operations. The apps are not only developed by Episerver. Many verified technology suppliers have provided their add-ons, which have been tested by Episerver to make sure that Operation, Security and User Interface align with their own standards. This not only helps to grow the Episerver community but also gives a good market overview without having to browse various websites.

"Episerver App Marketplace now offers more than 40 apps ranging from analytics and asset Apps are not a new concept to the tech community, but we're bringing a fresh viewpoint to increase value to customers and partners.
- Ed Kennedy, Senior Director of Commerce Strategy at Episerver

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If you are a partner already, you can visit the Marketplace here.