Kentico commissioned London Research to examine the experience of clients and agencies using its CMS technology hosted on Microsoft Azure’s platform

Back in 2011, Kentico became the first CMS certified for Microsoft Azure and a lot has changed since then – particularly the demand for cloud services. Together Kentico with Microsoft Azure offers the ease of a single installation, which can get mid-sized businesses up and running without the hassle of extra code. Kentico also supports many Azure website services on offer from Microsoft Cloud, this means less limitations when it comes to the design of your applications.

Kentico commissioned London Research to examine the experience of clients and agencies using its CMS technology hosted on Microsoft Azure’s platform. The report was based on interviews with three Kentico partners and three client companies.

The report looked at 3 key categories of business benefits experienced by Kentico customer’s and partner agencies that are gained by using Kentico in Azure. These included direct financial improvements, increased revenues and customer experiences, such as brand perception.

Ease of implementation

The first benefit of great merit is the ease of implementing sites using Kentico in Azure. It was also found to be a source of cost savings.

“One US agency reported that the initial DevOps setup and eventual deployment for a client providing at-home care for seniors would typically take 80 hours – with the use of Azure, that effort instead took eight hours.”

Ease of Updating

The next valuable benefit that was cited in the report is the ease and speed of updating websites. In turn giving marketers more control and at the same time saving money.

One agency in the interview described that a client had come to them requesting a redesign but wanted to reduce the marketing department’s dependency on IT. The marketing team’s requests for changes had been taking up valuable time and were of a low priority.

“The agency estimated that by using Kentico in Azure for the new site has saved the client a quarter of an IT salary since the marketing team is now able to add new pages themselves.”

The ease of use was also reflected on the agency’s side, with one agency asserting that “Kentico in Azure has allowed them to be more agile and develop customer solutions faster and at higher quality, by allowing them to use the most up-to-date development tools.”

With other benefits such as reducing the time it takes to update by 40%, allowing the clients a faster time to market, there seems to huge quantifiable benefits here.

Operational Benefits

Once Kentico is up and running in Azure, both client companies and agencies have seen the operational benefits. These include cost savings on hosting and management, reliability uptime and security improvements, as well as better SEO and customer experience.

Future Proofing the business

As with any platform, there is a critical need to support the ambitions of a business, in terms of growth and of developing its offering.

“The point about integration was echoed by one of the agencies interviewed, which found Kentico made it easy for them to integrate with marketing automation tools such as HubSpot and Marketo.”


“Beyond operational and financial benefits, two key themes emerged from the research: the ease of use and quality of support provided by both Kentico and Azure.”

The report highlighted numerous positive outcomes from moving Kentico to Azure. The interviewees experienced improvements in project set up and implementation, ease of operations and long-term cost savings.