Providing language-specific URLs for pages on your website is simpler than you might think


Umbraco 7 is a great CMS which allow us to create pages quickly and efficiently but falls a little short when it comes to handling content in multiple languages. Umbraco can be configured to have different domains for each required language, but not everyone wants to purchase multiple domains to have a site which supports numerous languages. The Vorto plugin goes a long way to assisting with the creation/adaptation of a website to use multiple languages, but what about the URLs?

The Solution

At GrowCreate, we have had several clients come to us with requirements for which there is no off-the-shelf solution. So, we created one. 

You don't want to use domains to identify the language? You don't have to; we can get it from the first part of the URL.

Url In English

Don't want to have to use the same URL for a given page in different languages? You don't have to; you can define a custom part of the URL for each page.

Url In French

It is Open Source!

We have made the solution open source: This means that you and your developers can look at the code, suggest changes, or implement your custom URL handling if you so wish.