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Tightening regulations underscore the importance of data security across your business. From general legislation like the General Data Protection Regulation, through to industry-specific frameworks like PCI-DSS, organisations are under constant pressure to enhance safeguards.

In highly regulated industries like finance, the stakes are even higher – particularly as customers expect to access increasing amounts of sensitive data online. You must deliver an exceptional experience without compromising the security and integrity of your systems.

This is how KBL European Private Bankers (KBL epb) achieved that balancing act.

A disparate collection of brands and services

With 2000 staff, 50 locations and a number of subsidiaries to manage, the KBL epb IT infrastructure was already complicated. Serving clients in five different languages added an extra layer of difficulty when delivering services online.

KBL epb needed a way to deliver more client services online while simplifying the backend of their website. Maintaining several translations of webpages and downloadable assets was time-consuming and costly. There was also a risk that key information was not being updated consistently, increasing the likelihood of a compliance breach.

KBL epb needed a way to deliver more client services online, while simplifying the backend of their website.

Operating in the financial sector, KBL epb is bound by strict security and confidentiality requirements. Customers need access to their accounts – but that information should be protected from unauthorised access.

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The GrowCreate solution

KBL epb needed to partner with an agency capable of combining technical expertise with an intimate knowledge of financial services – which is why they started working with GrowCreate.

GrowCreate completed a thorough analysis of KBL’s web-facing systems, assessing the challenges faced by the IT and Marketing team. This analysis highlighted that the decentralized nature of KBL epb’s approach could be improved – and more secure – with a Cloud-based solution.

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About KBL European Private Bankers

KBL epb provides private banking services for high net worth individuals and institutional investors across Europe. From its headquarters in Luxembourg, KBL ebp offers access to global markets, investment funds, and other financial instruments designed to enrich its clients.

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Prioritising security, server migration and support

In order to maintain the highest levels of security, the KBL epb website was migrated to a dedicated space on the Microsoft Azure platform. Microsoft Azure’s infrastructure simplified system access for KBL employees and customers, offering advanced security and monitoring to protect data.

The upgraded content management platform unified multiple sites and brands into a single interface. GrowCreate’s team of experts built out new workflows that allowed KBL to write content once and publish it across all of its online properties.

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KBL’s new web platform has delivered on several levels. By moving key web properties into the Cloud, customers and their data are now better protected against loss, theft and leaks. The underlying infrastructure is now managed as part of a support and maintenance SLA, allowing the in-house IT team to focus on other strategic projects.

The CMS simplifies the process of serving customers in different locations. Managing and optimising pages written in five different languages is easily achievable through new publishing process configured by GrowCreate. Behind the scenes, KBL epb is able to maximise cost savings by retiring redundant servers and data centre infrastructure. With ongoing maintenance of web assets provided by GrowCreate, administrative overheads are also reduced.

KBL epb remain very pleased with the outcomes of its new web infrastructure.

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