A partnership with Marvelous in the Netherlands, gives GrowCreate access to an exciting new market.

The spirit of collaboration is huge in the digital industry. This week, we are embracing this spirit to welcome Marvelous from the Netherlands as a GrowCreate partner. Headed by Jeroen Wijdeven, Marvelous is like our Dutch brother: a genius Umbraco and Optimizely agency, with a knack for tackling the most complex briefs for high-profile clients.

Partnerships need mutual respect but also benefits. Marvelous can leverage our scalability and support infrastructure to attract new and larger projects. GrowCreate looks forward to opening in the exciting Dutch market, where the high .NET penetration is not matched by the relatively small number of expert agencies.

Having worked with Marvelous for a while now, this really comes as a natural next step. We hooked up with Jeroen at Umbraco CodeGarden 2016 and worked together on Big Data and Umbraco to provide next-level analytics and personalisation (this was demoed in this year’s DUUG conference). Since then, our partnership developed into knowledge exchange and commercial work on high-profile projects. 

Jeroen says it much better: "We are really excited to have GrowCreate as an official partner. For Marvelous, this feels like a natural step, as collaboration and knowledge sharing is in our DNA. It really feels like 1+1=3: we both get more scalable, get access to new markets and exciting opportunities".

Looking into 2018 and beyond, we are set to serve the Dutch market as a combined force. With local knowledge, proven technical expertise and scale, our proposition to organisations* in the Netherlands will be nothing short of irresistible. The spirit of collaboration lives on...

* and developers - we are hiring all over Europe!