WCAG Complaint 

The freedom to build something is not just for the enrichment of creativity. It's also essential in meeting web accessibility requirements and WCAG standards! With Umbraco 9, you have all sorts of options when it comes down to designing your website so that visitors with disabilities can enjoy their experience on-site as much as possible.

Customisable workflows 

Umbraco 9 is a powerful tool that gives you the freedom to create unique workflows with ease. From simple configuration options like setting mandatory properties, such as image ALT text; all the way up towards complex validation messages and approval processes - it’s possible!

Integration is the key to success. With Umbraco’s API layer, you have complete freedom when integrating with other tools or processes that will help your business grow - there are no limits on what can be done!


Umbraco is committed to making our content editor accessible for all users, including developers with disabilities. To that end, there is a community team working exclusively on improving the Umbraco Backoffice so it complies with Level AA of WCAG 2.0 specifications.

Umbraco can be confident knowing that whatever standard is set for them will not only meet but exceed these expectations time after time!

Umbraco has always been a forward-thinking company, and they're taking their commitment to accessibility even further. With an increased focus on the needs of those with disabilities in mind - from color contrast all the way down to readability - Umbraco can be confident knowing that whatever standard is set for them will not only meet but exceed these expectations time after time!

Image ALT text

Image ALT text is a breeze. You can make the alt-text mandatory and ensure this field has been completed before an image will upload, or you may choose to allow users some flexibility by allowing them to override their default setting with custom ones that suit each context.

Colour control

Colours are one of the most important aspects to design. They can make or break your brand, so you have full control over them! With Umbraco it’s never been easier - just pick from a colour palette or set some (accessible) defaults. In Umbraco you can control when and where colours can be changed by content editors ensuring that your content remains readable.

Structured headers & tables 

As a content editor, you will need full control over the mark-up for elements such as headings and tables. These can easily be configured to be used in an intuitive way.

You can choose between different types of headlines to help you provide a good copy structure, as well as make choices like limiting the content editor by only allowing a single H1 on a page. In short, the Rich Text Editor can be configured to suit your needs.

Umbraco 9 is the latest and greatest version of the popular CMS. It’s also much more accessible than previous versions, which makes it easier for people with disabilities to use your website! And we can help you make this switch as well. We offer professional services like website migration assistance and training to ease you into all these new features. The GrowCreate team will work closely with you to ensure that everything goes smoothly during and after your CMS upgrade. If accessibility is important to you, contact us today.