Umbraco 8's Farewell Umbraco 13 in the .NET Core Era

  • Runs .NET 8 + ASP.NET Core 8 ✔️
  • Webhooks ✔️
  • Higher flexibility in the content deliver API ✔️
  • Offers Blocks with structured data in the Rich Text Editor ✔️
  • Improved performance ✔️
  • Long-term supported ✔️
Umbraco 13

As we bid adieu to Umbraco 8, the final emissary of the .NET Framework era, a new era begins with Umbraco 13. This significant transition represents not only an upgrade but a leap into the future of web development. Join us on this journey as we delve into the details of Umbraco 8's end-of-life and the exciting features introduced by Umbraco 13, aligning with the essence of Microsoft's .NET Core.

Umbraco 8's Legacy and the Cadence of Transition

Umbraco 8, the stalwart built upon Microsoft's .NET Framework, gracefully bows out on February 24th, 2025. However, this farewell paves the way for a strategic transition to Umbraco 13. Notably, Umbraco 13 follows an LTS release cadence, harmonising with Microsoft's .NET LTS versions. With both Umbraco 13 and .NET 8 enjoying long-term support until Q4 2026, businesses can embark on a journey of stability and innovation.

Umbraco 13 login screen

Umbraco 13 Unveiled: Features and Functionality

Umbraco 13, the active torchbearer, introduces a cascade of features and improvements. Embracing a headless approach, Umbraco 13 integrates Content Delivery API, Media Delivery API, Preview, and Webhooks into its core, eliminating the need for additional installations or custom API development. This leap ensures an enriched headless experience and seamless integration possibilities.

Umbraco back office

Enhanced Editor Capabilities and Structured Blocks

Editors now wield unprecedented power with Umbraco 13's introduction of Blocks within the Rich Text Editor. This feature enhances the content creation experience by allowing structured and dynamic content incorporation directly within the editor. The inclusion of no-code/low-code Webhooks empowers editors with seamless integration capabilities, reducing dependency on developers.

Technology Marvels of Umbraco 13: .NET 8 and C# 12

Umbraco 13 leverages the latest long-term supported version of Microsoft .NET and ASP.NET Core 8, along with the benefits of C# 12. The upgrade brings improvements to garbage collection, memory limit adjustments, and scalability enhancements, promising better performance and sustainable hosting. The inclusion of ImageSharp 3.1 in the CMS further boosts performance, security, and more.

Umbraco 13 blocks

Nesting Power and Beyond: Umbraco 13's Additional Features

Umbraco 13 doesn't stop at the basics. Nested field limiting and expansion in the Content Delivery API, a minimal hosting model aligned with Microsoft's standards, and updated NuGet dependencies including ImageSharp enhancements contribute to a holistic upgrade. Concurrent Login Control fortifies security, and a new login screen provides a refreshed user experience, offering a glimpse into the future "Bellissima" back office revamp slated for Umbraco 14.

As Umbraco 8 gracefully steps aside, Umbraco 13 emerges as the harbinger of a new era in web development. The amalgamation of headless capabilities, advanced editor features, and the harnessing of the latest .NET technologies propels Umbraco into the future. Ready to embark on a journey where stability meets innovation? Contact us today to explore the seamless transition to Umbraco 13 and unlock the potential of the latest web development advancements.

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