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Umbraco vs Other Content Management Systems

Umbraco ranked #1 in Europe in the CMS category on G2

Umbraco CMS WebOps Platforms Leader G2 Umbraco Headless CMS Leader G2 Umbraco Headless CMS Best Usability Leader G2
Umbraco Headless CMS Leader G2 Umbraco CMS Momentum Leader G2 Umbraco CMS Mid Market High Performer G2

In the quest for the perfect content management system (CMS), you can find yourself engaged in a meticulous evaluation process. After all, ensuring that their chosen CMS aligns seamlessly with their unique requirements is such an important decision for your business.

The Power of Umbraco

When it comes to ROI (Return on Investment) and the Go Live Time for content management systems, Umbraco emerges as a powerful contender. It is trusted and utilised by more than 730,000 professional companies and enterprises worldwide. Umbraco CMS boasts not only user-friendliness but also remarkable benefits for your business.


See ROI in the first 6 Months.


Months of avg. ROI.


Months avg. Go live time.

A Versatile Solution: Umbraco vs Other CMS

However, the decision-making process goes beyond mere speed and cost considerations. To create a truly exceptional digital experience, choose Umbraco CMS as it is a product that inspires trust and is consistently moving in the right direction.

Avg. ROI (months)  
Umbraco 15 months
Optimizely 27 months
Sitecore 29 months
Kentico 19 months
Contentful 16 months
Avg. Go Live Time (months)  
Umbraco 4 months
Optimizely 6 months
Sitecore 8 months
Kentico 5 months
Contentful 4 months

Umbraco CMS consistently delivers on the fundamental requirements expected from a CMS. By prioritising efficiency and user satisfaction, Umbraco emerges as an efficient and easy-to-use CMS choice.

Trusted by Businesses Worldwide

With an overwhelming 89% recommendation rate, Umbraco CMS has secured its position as the #1 recommended CMS. Its ability to adapt to current and future business needs, regardless of scale, complexity, or geographic reach, makes Umbraco a versatile solution. The fully customisable and flexible foundation empowers businesses to tailor their digital experiences precisely as desired, with complete control and no vendor lock-in. Whether it's extending functionality with e-commerce, analytics, CRM, or any other feature essential for online success, Umbraco CMS provides the tools to propel businesses to the next level.


Would recommend Umbraco to others.



Umbraco CMS is a good partner in doing business.



Are happy with the product direction.


Enterprise scalability 83%
Customisation 87%
API / integrations 83%
Internationalisation 83%
Multi-language 85%

Intuitive Content Management

Umbraco's commitment to intuitive content management further sets it apart. Seamlessly integrating with a range of digital tools, Umbraco CMS enables you to navigate your digital vision effortlessly. With streamlined processes for content creation, editing, planning, and image management, Umbraco ensures a smooth and efficient workflow, resulting in regularly updated websites featuring excellent and relevant content.

Content authoring 88%
Image management 82%
Content scheduling 81%
Automated publishing 84%
Flexible navigation structures 85%

High Standards of Functionality

Moreover, Umbraco CMS's array of features and functionalities sets the bar high for CMS standards. From Content Performance to the Rich Text Editor and SEO capabilities, Umbraco consistently delivers on the fundamental requirements expected from a CMS, and although these features are expected they are the highest voted for. By prioritising efficiency and user satisfaction, Umbraco emerges as an efficient and delightful CMS choice.

Content performance 84%
Rich Text Editor 85%
Personalisation 78%
Form builder 80%
SEO 82%

Embark on an Accelerated Digital Journey

Are you ready to embark on an accelerated digital journey with Umbraco CMS? Book a free 15-minute discovery call with our knowledgeable Umbraco specialists, who will guide you through the tailored benefits Umbraco can offer your company.

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