For the membership sector, not all content management systems (CMS) are the same, and there are a lot of options to choose from.

However, in the UK Membership and Association Sector, Umbraco has emerged as the number-one choice, and here's why:


Umbraco is an open-source CMS that offers a high degree of flexibility. This means that it can be customised to meet the specific needs of any organisation, regardless of size or industry. For membership and association organisations, this is especially important as they often have unique requirements when it comes to managing their members, events, and content.

62% of membership organisations consider a CMS to be in the top 3 technology tools
Memberwise Digital Excellence Report 2022

Ease of Use

Umbraco has an intuitive editing experience that makes it easy for non-technical users to manage their website content. This is crucial for membership and association organisations where many staff members need to be able to update the website regularly.

Integration Capabilities

Umbraco has a wide range of integration capabilities, which means it can easily be connected to other systems such as CRM, member portals, marketing automation, and e-commerce platforms. This is particularly useful for membership and association organisations as they often need system integrations to manage their membership data.

Umbraco is the number one CMS used by medium to large membership organisations
Memberwise Digital Excellence Report 2022


Umbraco takes security seriously and has a strong focus on keeping websites secure. This is important for membership and association organisations as they often handle sensitive member data.

Active Community

Umbraco has a large and active community of developers and users who are constantly working to improve the CMS. This means that there are always updates and new features being added, which keeps the platform up-to-date and relevant.

Overall, Umbraco's flexibility, ease of use, integration capabilities, security, and active community make it the number one choice for many membership and association organisations in the UK. If you're considering a new CMS for your organisation, it's worth taking a closer look at Umbraco.

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