Azure support plans for enhanced cloud security

Managing and optimising Azure can be a complex and challenging task. One common challenge organisations face includes finding an Azure support plan that fits their business requirements.

We expertly design, secure, scale and thoroughly test our Azure hosting solutions. As an extension of your team, we offer Azure Management Services for businesses facing the following challenges:

  • Increasing cloud platform costs
  • Need for compliance and governance as you grow
  • Specific security requirements
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We helped FE fundinfo expand its Azure Cloud Services. They use Azure DevOps, improve security, adjust scale easily, and save money.

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What is Azure Cloud Service?

Azure Cloud Service is a platform that provides a scalable environment for deploying applications and services. Microsoft's public cloud computing platform offers analytics, storage, and networking services.

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Cloud technologies from migration to solution architecture

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Grow without limits with always-on cloud applications and APIs

Manage your apps easily with Azure Cloud Services and enjoy high availability. Scale your environment automatically and reduce costs.

Automate updates for your operating system and apps to boost security.

Use built-in health monitoring and load-balancing features to focus on your app, not the cloud infrastructure.

  • Accelerate the deployment of your applications with a cloud platform that is always available.
  • Scale your cloud infrastructure automatically to enhance performance and reduce expenses.
  • Set up health checks and evenly distribute the load with easy-to-read dashboards and instant alerts.
  • Provide an excellent development experience with Azure SDK as it integrates seamlessly with Visual Studio.
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Azure Cloud Services

Azure Cost Management

Keeping track of Azure cost management and optimising spending maximises your ROI. Without effective cost management, you may overspend and waste valuable resources.

DevOps Consulting

Streamline the software development lifecycle, enhance collaboration between dev and ops teams, and enable faster and more reliable software delivery.

Azure Management Services

Azure Management Services ensure security, performance, and high availability. A trustworthy partner managing your Azure cloud services allows your team to concentrate on important business tasks.

Cloud Monitoring

Monitor the performance, availability, and security of cloud-based systems and applications.

Azure Cloud Migration

Migrating your existing infrastructure to Azure requires careful planning and execution. It can be a daunting process without proper expertise and guidance.

Performance Optimisation

Improve a website or application's speed, responsiveness, and overall performance.

Accelerate your web and cloud application deployment

Azure Cloud Services allow you to build and deploy robust web and cloud applications swiftly. It ensures application availability, redirects traffic from troubled to smooth instances, and handles provisioning to load balancing. Your application comes with an industry-leading 99.95% service-level agreement.

Increase application resiliency

Use Azure Cloud Services (extended support) for enhanced regional resiliency, offering features like RBAC, tags, policy, and template support. Continue using Azure Cloud Services (classic) for Azure Service Manager-based applications.

Optimise costs and auto-scale your apps

Automatically scale your infrastructure with the auto-scale feature to manage traffic spikes and deliver an excellent customer experience. This allows you to set scaling limits, schedule goals, and ensure application performance while minimising costs.

Use preferred development environments

Leverage the Azure SDK for a seamless development environment in Visual Studio. Deploy applications in various languages like .NET and Vue.js. Use Azure Emulator for pre-deployment testing, replicating key cloud functionality on your computer. Swap the staging environment into production for deploying new releases.

Cloud application monitoring

Set up real-time alerts for service metrics and automate OS updates for security. With Azure Cloud Services, focus on building applications without worrying about patching, hardware, or network issues. Its health metrics dashboard provides key statistics at a glance.

Built-in security and compliance

  • Microsoft allocates over USD 1 billion each year towards research and development in cybersecurity.
  • The corporation has a workforce of over 3,500 security professionals committed to ensuring data security and privacy.
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"Modernising our Cloud stack has been a real growth accelerator."

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Azure Products

Azure AI + ML

Create advanced applications with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities.

Azure Analytics

Collect, store, process, analyze, and visualize data of any type, size, or speed.

Azure Compute

Access cloud computing capacity and scale as needed, paying only for the resources you use.

Azure Databases

Secure, enterprise-grade, and fully managed database services promote rapid growth and inspire innovation.

Azure Developer Tools

Create, manage, and deliver cloud apps using any platform or language.

Azure Hybrid + Multicloud

Bring Azure innovation to every corner of your digital ecosystem. Incorporate the flexibility and creativity of cloud computing into your in-house tasks.

Azure Integration

Effortlessly integrate both on-premises and cloud-based applications, data, and processes throughout your enterprise.

Azure Media

Deliver video content everywhere, and on any device.

Azure Mobile

Develop and deploy cross-platform and native applications for any mobile device.

Azure Security

Protect your business from sophisticated threats across mixed cloud workloads.

Azure Web

Develop, deploy, and scale robust web applications rapidly and efficiently.

Azure Cost Management

Cut your costs by optimising your cloud resources to ensure efficient utilisation and minimise expenses.

Azure DevOps Consulting

Enhance software development and team collaboration. Expedite reliable software delivery with tools designed for continuous delivery.

Azure Cloud Monitoring

Monitor the performance, availability, and security of cloud-based systems and applications.

Azure Cloud Migration

Simplify and speed up your migration to the cloud with the help of guidance, tools, and resources.

Azure Performance Optimisation

Improve a website or application's speed, responsiveness, and overall performance.

5 key benefits that fit your strategy

We can help you transform both your applications and infrastructure. Our 24/7 team provides full-stack support day and night.


ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials certified


From GDPR to ISO, the widest portfolio of compliance and certifications


Access to Machine Learning and other avenues to innovation


Fully integrated DevOps and Cloud for CI/CD pipelines

  • Maturity assessments
  • Consulting services
  • Cloud migration projects
  • Planning and tooling
  • Upgrading your existing DevOps practice


Benefit from optimised application solutions

Engagement model

01 Supporting your solution

Switch to us for Azure Cloud Services. We look after websites, custom software, mobile and web apps, DevOps pipelines and business applications.

02 Cloud hosting

We supply or manage Azure Hosting and Azure DevOps for your .NET application.

03 Onboarding

Our onboarding service allows us to get to know your architecture and systems, so we can provide azure management services.

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