Cloud migration services: your gateway to digital transformation

For modern business, agility, scalability, and innovation are non-negotiable. To stay competitive, businesses must embrace technologies that allow them to process large volumes of data. Deliver services rapidly, and maintain seamless connections with customers and employees, regardless of location.

The cloud is at the heart of this digital transformation. Transitioning from traditional infrastructure to the cloud can seem daunting. That's where our cloud migration services come in.

Are you looking to migrate your applications and infrastructure to the cloud? Our Cloud Migration Services offer seamless and efficient solutions to help businesses like yours easily transition to the cloud. Our expertise in cloud migration strategies and tools ensures a smooth and secure migration process.

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What is Cloud Migration?

Cloud migration is moving data, applications, and IT procedures. From on-premise data centres to the cloud or one cloud platform to another.

A vital step in your digital transformation journey. Bringing benefits like cost savings, operational efficiency, and access to advanced capabilities.

Cloud migration partners

Why migrate your applications and data to the cloud?

Migrating to the cloud brings numerous benefits to your business. Enjoy enhanced scalability, cost-efficiency, and flexibility by leveraging cloud technology. Our cloud migration process focuses on minimising downtime and maximising the performance of your applications and data.

Speed of delivery and innovation

We provide tools to speed up your software delivery process. With cloud services, your teams can focus more on creating business value and innovation.

Scalable and performant

Cloud platforms manage thousands of requests per second, offering dependable support for your business processes. Specific cloud services, like CDN or in-memory data stores, can boost your application's performance.

Cost optimisation

The cloud helps you save money with its flexible pricing. Platform-as-a-service and automatic resource management can lower costs by efficiently allocating and de-allocating resources.

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Cloud migration solutions

Cloud migration strategy

We start by understanding your business objectives, assessing your infrastructure, and developing a cloud migration strategy. This means selecting the correct cloud platform. It also involves designing a cloud structure that meets your business needs. Additionally, it includes planning the transition to minimise disruptions to your business operations.

Cloud migration execution

Our experts take care of everything when moving to the cloud. They set up your new environment, transfer your apps and data, test for smooth operation, and fix any problems.

Post-migration support

After moving to the cloud, we provide ongoing help and management to ensure your setup works. This includes monitoring and optimising your cloud resources, implementing security measures, and providing training to your team.

Why choose us for cloud migration?


Our team has experts in cloud architecture and platforms like Amazon Web Services, Azure, and Google Cloud. They are architects, engineers, and consultants. We have helped businesses of all sizes and across industries successfully migrate to the cloud.

Customised approach

Every business is unique, so we customise our approach to meet your needs and goals. We can help you move one or multiple applications with a migration plan that reduces risks and disruptions.

Security and compliance

Security is our top priority. We keep your data safe during migration and in the cloud with high-security measures that meet industry standards. We can also help you meet specific regulatory compliance requirements for data storage and processing.

Partnerships with leading cloud providers

We work with leading cloud providers, including AWS, Microsoft, and Google. We can access the latest tools and resources and provide the best cloud solutions.

Cloud migration services

Cloud migration strategy

Our team will help you create a personalised plan to move your business to the cloud. We consider all the necessary cloud migration considerations and security strategies to ensure a successful migration.

Application migration and modernisation

We help businesses cut costs, work more effectively, and run smoothly. Using tried-and-true methods, we make moving from old data centres to public, hybrid, or multiple cloud setups easy.

Cloud migration project plan

We make a detailed plan for moving your infrastructure to the cloud, showing each process step. Our project plan includes a roadmap, timeline, and milestones, ensuring a well-organised and efficient migration.

Azure Public Cloud

Leverage the power of Azure Public Cloud for enhanced security and control over your data. Our tools and expertise help move your business to Azure Public Cloud, creating a reliable cloud environment.

Data migration and modernisation

We assist businesses in transferring their data between different systems, platforms, or storage environments. This need often arises because of technology upgrades, system integrations, or the introduction of new solutions. Our services modify data systems and technologies to meet evolving requirements and seize emerging opportunities.

End-of-Life transition

We help transition from legacy systems or retiring technologies to new technologies, systems, or processes for better efficiency and sustainability.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

We provide disaster recovery, cyber security, and business continuity services to keep our clients' operations running smoothly. We use design thinking, agile, and DevOps to make building, testing, refining, and scaling solutions more efficient. This fast, effective approach, coupled with the support of our team, allows our clients to embrace innovative technologies.

On-premise to cloud migration

Transitioning from on-premise to the cloud can be complex, but our cloud migration services simplify the process. We assist in transitioning your business to the cloud, ensuring data security and smooth operations with minimal disruptions.

Broad cloud migration experience

Cloud services

Cost Management

Cut your costs by optimising your cloud resources to ensure efficient utilisation and minimise expenses.

DevOps Consulting

Streamline the software development lifecycle, enhance collaboration between dev and ops teams, and enable faster and more reliable software delivery.

Cloud Consulting

Experience the full benefit of cloud technologies from migration to solution architecture.

Cloud Monitoring

Monitor the performance, availability, and security of cloud-based systems and applications.

Cloud Migration

Migrate your application from on-premise to the cloud.

Performance Optimisation

Improve the speed, responsiveness, and overall performance of a website or application.

Benefits of Cloud Migration

Discover the advantages of migrating to the cloud. Increase business agility, reduce infrastructure costs, and access advanced cloud services. Our cloud migration services help you unlock the full potential of cloud technology.

Partner with us for a successful cloud migration journey. Contact us today to learn more about our cloud migration services and how we can help your business thrive in the cloud.

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How we work

GrowCreate helps you navigate the cloud and choose appropriate architecture and ecosystem partners to meet your strategic business needs. Our tools accelerate your cloud migration and help you realise business value.

Moving to the Cloud

At GrowCreate, we make moving your apps and data to the cloud easy. We aim to make your systems work better and safer while saving you money. This move lets you update your setup and utilise the cloud's endless size and adaptability.

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How we create, so you can grow

Website maintenance

We protect your revenue and reputation by supporting your systems and cloud infrastructure.

24/7 Support

Enhance UX

Accelerate ahead of the competition by increasing customer satisfaction and product value.

UX design

Connect anything

We integrate your headless, SaaS, or CMS systems with websites and applications.

System integration

Release innovation

Experience faster, better product delivery with bug-free, robust deployments.


Transform your vision

We unlock your solution's full potential with agile development services.

Agile development

Manage your cloud

Bring your contract, or let us supply, manage, and support your Cloud service.

Cloud services

5 key benefits that fit your strategy

We can help you transform both your applications and infrastructure. Our 24/7 team provides full-stack support day and night.


ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials certified


From GDPR to ISO, the widest portfolio of compliance and certifications


Access to Machine Learning and other avenues to innovation


Fully integrated DevOps and Cloud for CI/CD pipelines

  • Maturity assessments
  • Consulting services
  • Cloud migration projects
  • Planning and tooling
  • Upgrading your existing DevOps practice


Benefit from optimised application solutions

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