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Microsoft Azure Partner

Microsoft Azure Partner delivering secure cross-channel apps

Why choose Azure app development?

Microsoft Azure offers the biggest portfolio of data centres in the world, trusted by 90% of Fortune 500 organisations. Azure hosting and high-availability aside, Azure offers a collection of services to jump-start your innovation efforts. These include Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning APIs.

How Azure meets business challenges

Digital is becoming the primary channel of interacting with most organisations. Businesses are increasingly turning to app development projects to give their customers the best experience. However, maintaining secure, yet open and scalable environments, can be challenging. Azure responds to these challenges with:

Rapid, continuous delivery

Azure offers an inexpensive yet powerful platform for continuous delivery of our development work. With easy deployment across environments, we are able to work with agility to meet your business’s requirements.

Secure, multi-device support

Azure supports essential application standards across devices. By working on the cloud, app development can be completed by following best practices in security and solutions architecture.

Scalability and cost control

Azure Cloud offers efficient allocation of computing resources. It ensures high-availability and performance whilst reducing overall costs. With Azure, IT departments can balance scale and cost more easily.

GrowCreate is an Azure expert

As an Azure Cloud expert, we specialise in application development for customers across a variety of industries. We deliver digital projects, built on Azure, for clients in non-profit, healthcare, and financial services. Our developers will build your website using the latest security best-practices on web, mobile and beyond.