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DevOps as a Service and Managed Cloud for your Umbraco, Kentico or Optimizely application

GrowCreate helps clients and internal development teams, deliver high-quality solutions by providing a dedicated DevOps resource.

Managed Cloud

Strategy, design and delivery on Azure will help you innovate and deliver efficiencies.

DevOps consulting

Our DevOps engineers can assist you in your DevOps transformation by providing advice on automating your practices, optimising your operations, and consulting on cloud strategy.


Our DevOps engineers will support your solution from working hours to 24/7.

Performance optimisation

Performance optimisation and support services ensure that your digital platform operates at its best.


Delivering mission-critical, optimised applications.

Continuous integration, delivery & deployment

Boost efficiency by streamlining intricate workflows. Collaborate to establish which approach suits your business, and to execute the resources to launch your product.

Scalability, security, and cost control

From hosting to databases, Azure offers the most efficient allocation of your computing resources. High availability, security, and performance are balanced against granular cost management controls. IT departments deploy DXPs on Azure to ensure scalability and compliance at the right cost.

  • 99.99%+ uptime

  • Increased security

  • Improved performance

Zero downtime during migration and an average 45% cost reduction when you switch with GrowCreate


AWS is up to 5 times more expensive than Azure for Windows and SQL Server


Save up to versus on-premises and up to 30% versus AWS by migrating ASP.NET apps


Save up to 80% on Windows Server with Azure Hybrid Benefit and Reserved Instances


Microsoft Cloud is up to 93% more energy efficient than traditional enterprise datacenters

5 key benefits that fit your strategy

Azure Cloud offers unparalleled options for security and scalability.  


Microsoft’s annual $1B investment in cybersecurity


From GDPR to ISO, the widest portfolio of compliance and certifications


Access to Machine Learning and other avenues to innovation


Fully integrated DevOps and Cloud for CI/CD pipelines.

  • Maturity assessments
  • Consulting services
  • Cloud migration projects
  • Planning and tooling
  • Upgrading your existing DevOps practice


GrowCreate optimised setups for Umbraco, Kentico and Optimizely

We offer Azure setups optimised for all the platforms we support.

Azure hosting abstract concept illustration

Agility and continuous delivery

With a fully integrated DevOps suite, Azure offers a powerful platform for Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration (CI/CD) of development work. Controlled deployments across environments underpin our Agile approach and create a stream of enhancements that is typical of the digital mature organisations.

  • CI/CD

  • Controlled deployments

  • Digital maturity

What is Azure?

The Azure cloud platform consists of 200+ products and cloud services to bring new solutions to life.

Is Azure secure?

Yes, security and privacy are at the heart of Azure. It has the most comprehensive set of compliance offerings of any cloud service provider.

How can Azure help my business?

We can deploy, manage and support existing solutions with Azure to streamline operations and save you money. 

Will Azure save me money?

With no upfront costs, you only pay for what you use. Azure provides a flexible pricing option and when you use GrowCreate you will benefit from platform optimised solutions.

What is DevOps?

DevOps aims to improve collaboration and productivity between software development and operations teams by automating processes and breaking down barriers. This leads to faster delivery, higher quality, and more effective collaboration, making software development and delivery faster, more efficient, and of higher quality.

How can DevOps help my project?

DevOps can help your web project in many ways. It makes software delivery faster and better, so you can start your project more quickly and with fewer problems. DevOps automates many of the steps needed to set up, test, and maintain your project, saving you time and effort and reducing mistakes. Plus, DevOps makes it easier for development and operations teams to work together, which leads to better teamwork, more productivity, and better results. If you use DevOps practices, you'll be able to deliver your project faster, with higher quality, and with better teamwork.

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