VueJS web and mobile apps

Unite your Composable architecture

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Future-proof solutions with a Composable approach

Organisations that move to the later stages in digital maturity build experiences using decoupled architectures. Using a MACH architecture (Micro Services, API-first, Cloud-native, Headless), we accelerate development projects and enable a Composable landscape of best-of-breed solutions.

VueJS and mobile apps
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Fast and secure VueJS apps for web and mobile

Known as the ‘Progressive JavaScript Framework’, Vue JS powers enterprise-scale MACH architectures and Composable solutions. GrowCreate was an early adopter of Vue JS, with extensive experience in building, supporting, and integrating Vue solutions with Umbraco, Kentico, and leading CRMs.

5 key benefits that fit your strategy

Open-source and independent, VueJS offers the best avenue for secure web and mobile apps.


Incredible performance and security, with an Azure backbone


Open-source and actively developed, but also independent (unlike React)


Iterate quickly from MVP to enterprise-scale architecture


Painless integrations with CMS content and CRM data


Deploy as web or native mobile apps for iOS and Android

Accelerate development and enable a Composable landscape of best-of-breed solutions.

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