A big step for the next generation of digital experience platforms in the DACH region.

This week Episerver announced the official launch of its Digital Experience Cloud (DXC) service in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (collectively known as the DACH region). Although many companies in the region are already running on DXC, the launch marks a milestone in the platform's growth trajectory, with multiple new organisations expected to benefit from its many features:

  • Launch experiences faster
  • Immediate access to new platform features
  • Automatically scale resources, around the clock
  • Highly optimised out of the box
  • 365/24/7 support and monitoring

Behind this fantastic news, is a convergence of a number of developments that have been gathering pace over the last months. First, the acquisition of Optivo, a leading campaign management tool from Berlin, is providing the springboard of expansion into the German-speaking territories. Secondly, Microsoft has released a German version of Azure. Although data-related legislation applies across the EU, it has been important for many organisations to have the option of local data centres.

The final development is an evolution in how many organisations approach digital. Keen to realise its transformation potential, companies have started to move away from open-source systems, and towards licensed systems with a more strategic scope and Gartner credentials. As this platforming trend gathers pace, so does Episerver's market reach.

As a leading Episerver partner with an office in Cologne, we are delighted with the news. We see DXC as the primary platform on which we will build the next generation of digital experiences for our clients. The acceleration of its growth in the DACH region is presenting us with an enormous opportunity to apply our creativity, technical expertise and innovative approach to an even broader base.