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How can Kentico 12 benefit your business?

Adam Weston
Posted by Adam Weston 10 Feb 2020

Kentico 12, provides marketers with tools to design and deliver unique, cross-channel experiences. Helping marketers to create, optimise and rapidly go-to-market with campaigns without heavily relying on developers.

User Friendly CMS

Some Content Management Systems are known for providing complicated interfaces but Kentico 12 is straightforward and easy to use. Kentico's MVC widget-based web content editor modifies the way that marketers build pages and customer experiences.

Kentico CMS

The page builder allows users to manage content using Kentico’s widget-based editor. The drag-and-drop interface provides powerful, flexible tools that enable marketers to experiment with different layouts and designs without the input of a developer.

With this streamlined experience reducing the restrictions on marketers and content editors. The freedom empowers them to deliver a better customer experience - faster, therefore saving time and boosting productivity.

Kentico variants


Kentico makes true personalisation easy – Kentico’s Analytics provide insights into the activities and interactions completed by customers across all of your digital properties, channels, and devices.

From the data Kentico gathers, you can personalise the content displayed by widgets without the help from developers. The simplified personalisation management allows you to create new widget variants based on options such as Persona, Country, Device type and other types can be registered when necessary.

Smart Forms

Every marketer should have tools that allow them to design and publish online forms quickly - when needed. Kentico 12 brings its new component-based drag-and-drop form builder.

Smart forms let you design progressive forms, gathering customer data throughout multiple steps of their journey, allowing marketers to become more agile and create all important lead generation.

In conclusion

Kentico 12 provides a solid foundation for making your site faster. Creating dependable, enjoyable and seamless interactions across the full customer journey. With more freedom and independence to deliver content to your users, quickly, ultimately reducing time and cost. Kentico is a forward-thinking platform that you can trust to ensure your business is future-proofed, secure and stays competitive. 

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