Unleashing the Power of Umbraco 12 Headless

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Umbraco 12 is now more flexible and powerful than ever before, with the major new feature of out-of-the-box headless capabilities. This allows developers to use frameworks like React, Angular, or Vue.js to build the front end of their websites, while still using Umbraco 12 as a content management system. This eliminates the need for developers to create a Content Delivery API for Umbraco; instead, this functionality can easily be turned on allowing for more control in the front-end development process.

How is Umbraco 12 different?

  • Runs on .NET 7 + ASP.NET Core 7 ✓
  • Introduces a new headless Content Delivery API for a pure headless solution ✓
  • Provides a hybrid approach together with standard templates and views ✓
  • Supports Entity Framework Core ✓
  • Includes updated dependencies, including ImageSharp 3 ✓
  • Offers improved performance ✓

Improved Page Load Times

Umbraco 12 has the potential to significantly improve page load times. Traditional CMSs require the server to render both the content and presentation layer before displaying a page. This process can be slow, especially for complex content or when the server is under a heavy load.

In contrast, headless CMSs only require the server to render the content layer. The presentation layer is handled separately, typically by a JavaScript framework like Vue, React, or Angular. As a result, the server can respond quickly, leading to faster page load times for users.

Greater Flexibility and Scalability

With Umbraco 12, the presentation layer and content layer are decoupled. This makes it much easier to modify one without affecting the other. This is especially useful for larger websites with complex content structures and many pages.

Furthermore, because the content layer is separate from the presentation layer, it can be utilised by multiple devices and applications. This is particularly advantageous for websites that provide content to non-traditional devices and mobile apps.

Better Security

Using a headless CMS like Umbraco 12 can improve your website's security. By separating the presentation layer from the content layer, it becomes much harder for attackers to gain access to sensitive data. The decoupling of the content layer from the presentation layer makes it easier to apply security patches and updates without affecting the presentation layer.

Flexibility and Customisation

Umbraco 12 enables users to create and manage content across various channels and devices, such as websites, mobile apps, and social media. Its API-driven approach makes it simple to integrate your content with other systems and applications, ensuring a consistent user experience across all channels.

Streamlined Workflow

Umbraco 12 simplifies content creation, collaboration, and consistency by providing a centralized location for content creation, editing, and publishing. Additionally, Umbraco 12 provides tools for automating workflows, such as content scheduling, version control, and content approvals, allowing you to spend more time creating resonating content, and less time on manual tasks.

Scalability and Performance

Umbraco 12 is built on a modern, cloud-based infrastructure, which enables it to handle large amounts of traffic and content without slowing down. This is particularly beneficial for content creators who want to expand their reach and grow their audience.

Simplified Content Management

Umbraco 12 enables content creators to create and manage content in one location, ensuring consistency across all channels. A Headless CMS allows creators to focus on content, eliminating the need to learn multiple content management systems and reducing the risk of errors and inconsistencies.

Seamless Integration with Third-Party Applications

Umbraco 12 delivers content on any platform or device, making the customer experience consistent and personalised. With Umbraco 12, developers can easily integrate with third-party applications using APIs, webhooks, and other integration options.

Create once, publish everywhere

Businesses can easily add new channels or platforms as they grow, without having to worry about content management. With Umbraco 12, businesses can create content once and deliver it to multiple channels with ease. This also means that businesses can adapt to changing technologies and customer needs, without having to overhaul their entire content management system.


Umbraco 12 offers out-of-the-box headless capabilities, allowing developers to use frameworks like React, Angular, or Vue.js to build the front end of their websites while still using Umbraco 12 as a content management system. This provides improved page load times, greater flexibility and scalability, better security, and simplified content management. Umbraco 12 also enables seamless integration with third-party applications and the ability to create content once and deliver it to multiple channels with ease.