14 Critical Signs You That You Need To Change Web Agency

Why Switch Website Maintenance Agency?

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Many web agencies fail to provide high-quality website maintenance services. For better results, consider changing your website maintenance agency.

Many agencies deliver fantastic website redesign projects but fail to maintain your website.

  • Agencies can be too busy on new projects to maintain your website.
  • Have limited access to web developers.
  • Not set up to deliver long-term support.
💡 We prioritise website maintenance, offering you access to our rapid response team to ensure quick and effective issue resolution.

Switching your agency for better website maintenance is important

If you feel neglected or ignored, it's time to consider switching to a better website maintenance agency. Many companies overlook this essential step, but keeping your website running smoothly and avoiding problems is crucial. Regular maintenance also improves website performance, making it faster and more reliable. Switching your maintenance provider is simple, and you won't regret it.

14 critical signs that it’s time to switch agencies

Many digital agencies are bad at post-project work. Poor website maintenance often results from dividing work into "project" tasks. Such as website design and building, and "maintenance" tasks, which include all post-launch activities.

Reasons to Switch Digital Agencies

  1. Your agency cannot keep up with your evolving needs.
  2. Your agency provides unresponsive service.
  3. You are not receiving the attention your project deserves.
  4. Your agency is not delivering the value you require.
  5. Your agency lacks specific expertise, such as DevOps as a Service.
  6. Your agency is poor at communication.
  7. Your solution is experiencing security issues.
  8. Your solution is experiencing unplanned downtime.
  9. Your agency is not keeping up with your growth.
  10. Your agency lacks a dedicated maintenance team.
  11. Your agency does not offer a Service Level Agreement.
  12. Your agency takes a long time to resolve issues.
  13. Your agency is mainly reactive.
  14. You are not satisfied with your current partner.


💡 We help you grow, communicate effectively, deliver value, and prioritise your needs.
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Website Maintenance Pricing: How Much Should It Cost?


Switching agencies is NOT a nuclear option

Many people mistakenly believe that it is unwise to switch agencies. They think that the agency that built their website is the only one that can provide support. This is simply not true!

An exceptional web maintenance agency will understand your problems and create a roadmap of fixes and enhancements. Working hard to understand the digital strategy and goals of your company.

Finding an agency that values maintenance work is a challenge. You will need to ask the right questions to ensure a seamless transition.

Website maintenance: key areas to consider

Poor website maintenance can have serious consequences, making it important to prioritise maintenance across these four key areas:

  1. Bug fixes: Custom upgrades to your platform that your agency should recommend based on your digital roadmap and strategy.
  2. Enhancements: Custom upgrades to your current platform, which your agency should recommend based on your digital roadmap and strategy. Improvements often stay too long in the backlog. This can be because of either poor resourcing or a lack of investment.
  3. Active prevention: This type of maintenance functions like a prevention plan, especially in relation to security updates. Web agencies need to be active to secure websites ahead of time and prevent website hacks or data leaks.
  4. Strategic: Website maintenance should be forward-looking. Ensuring that it aligns with your company's strategic goals and broader industry trends.

Avoiding maintenance problems with a new agency

When you switch web maintenance agency be direct with your new partner. They want to know about any past issues faced with your previous agency. This helps them determine which issues should be fast-tracked. Below are some questions to ask when evaluating a new agency:

  • Existing websites: How does the agency support websites that are already in place? Who is responsible for maintenance work, and how long does it take to respond to issues?
  • Projects vs. Maintenance: Does the agency do both project-based work and ongoing maintenance? Have they taken over maintenance from another agency before?
  • Strategy: Does the agency have a strategic approach that aligns with your company goals?

Ultimately, you want an agency that can provide comprehensive support, from strategy to execution to maintenance. If you only need maintenance. You want an agency that focuses on your needs and has a system in place to address them efficiently. You want an agency that understands your broader business goals and can support your growth and success.


💡 GrowCreate prioritise your strategic goals and works to ensure your website supports your overall business objectives.
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Website Maintenance Pricing: How Much Should It Cost?


The GrowCreate approach to active maintenance

At GrowCreate, we appreciate project work, but we don't always think that a full rebuild and a new website is the answer. We understand that not every issue requires more project work, more money, and more of everything.

We take a step back and evaluate your website. We discuss your objectives with your stakeholders and concentrate on the most effective changes to produce the best ROI.

Our goal is to assist you in utilising what you already have before proposing extensive redesign recommendations. If you only require a new maintenance partner, GrowCreate can make a difference. We prioritise aligning our services with your needs, goals, and aspirations.

Website maintenance takeovers

We offer maintenance takeovers providing maintenance expertise at a fraction of the cost of a full rebuild project.

We demonstrate our commitment to your satisfaction. We understand that maintenance work takes time. We're confident that we can earn your trust by delivering demonstrable results.

With over 10 years of experience, we've successfully delivered more than 150 websites. Our team includes over 20 experts, a rock-solid SLA and we are ISO 27001. We've provided support for over 200 sites in the past decade, both those that we've designed and those that we've inherited.

Our managed cloud services for DevOps and Microsoft Azure Cloud maintain and monitor your platform. We execute technical activities and coordinate with your team through meetings and monthly reports to manage your annual budget.

We can help achieve your long-term strategic goals. We are always here to help with our dedicated website maintenance services.

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