The content management system (CMS) started as a software solution consisting of technology tools for creating and managing websites.

Over time, CMS software has transitioned to products and platforms that comprise an important foundational piece of technology for all businesses.

A versatile technology platform

The CMS handles projects and activities for different kinds of websites related to customers, marketing, sales, branding, and web presence.

To enable successful marketing efforts, the CMS is at the core of a comprehensive platform that can include e-commerce, collaboration, digital marketing, and other capabilities. In this capacity, the CMS takes on an essential role in what organisations are doing to differentiate their brands and products.

The CMS has important work to do for many different parts of the organisation, so understanding how best to evaluate a CMS offering is crucial.

Technology evaluators, marketing managers, content creators, and line-of-business teams aren’t necessarily knowledgeable about CMS or online marketing platforms, so it’s important for all buyer and evaluator roles to work together to select the solution that best fits the overall organisation needs. They also should consider how IT and business teams want to work with it. It’s equally important to understand the different kinds of value that the CMS delivers to the entire organisation.

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